Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!

Dax the Reindeer Cat. From our tree to your tree, Jasmine, Jade, Spooky and Dax would like to share some of their favorite cat ornaments and wish everyone a purr-fectly safe and happy Holiday Season. Our cute Cat in a Tea Cup ornament. Our Spooky Cat getting into the...

Dax: A Cat behind Bars!

Dax found him self behind bars the other day. Tried, convicted and locked-up with no chance of parole (ok, so I’ve been watching too much Law and Order). Actually they were pseudo bars and merely a façade but bars non-the-less. Dax paced back and forth while poking...

Pictures of Cats 2008 – December 18

Enjoy today’s pictures of cats for the Pictures of Cats 2008 Project. Who goes there? Jade seeks refuge from workers in the house under my drawing table. I can get that Tuna can if I can stretch my neck just a little more. Dax? Behind bars!? I knew that cat was...

A Cat for a Day – a Cats point of view.

Just a few feet separate our visual world from the cats. We rarely get the chance to see things the way a cats does. What’s it like down there? Do things look all that different? We brought the camera down a few feet to the cat’s point of view to see how things...
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