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A secret between two cats

Dax shared what seemed to be a very hi-key secret with Jasmine the other day. We tried to make it out but we had two things going against us. We weren’t close enough to hear and we didn’t speak ‘cat’. Figures eh?

Anyway, luckily for us Jade, our informant, speaks ‘cat’ fluently. Jade didn’t tell us what Dax said word for word but it was something about who really runs the show around here and the best way to get extra food when you need it.

It didn’t surprise us much as we pretty much knew all that stuff already. I guess Jasmine just needed a reaffirmation of sorts and Dax decided he was the cat for the job.

We’ve since let the cats continue with their little charade of dominance and independence. But we’ve tightened up on leaving any food laying about (especially Tuna) and maintained weekly updates from our informant.

Let’s see who is the boss next time Dinner is late. They’ll be putty in our hands, at least until their fed.

Pictures of cats - Jasmine-Dax - Cat Secret
Now listen up, and pay attention cause I’m gonna say this once.

Pictures of cats - Jasmine-Dax - Cat Secret
This is for your own good and you need to hear this since you’ve been…don’t look-up they’re watching us.

Pictures of cats - Jasmine-Dax - Cat Secret
…believe me, if you do that you’ll never worry about food again.

Pictures of cats - Jasmine-Dax - Cat Secret
OK, that’s it. Now remember what I told you and act natural so they don’t get suspicious. Hey you look a lot like that Alien-Cat that was here last week. “Alien Cat? What Alien-Cat??” Nevermind…

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