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Cat Bed or Your Bed. Should You Be Sleeping With Your Cat?

Here is a fun infographic that asks the question “Should you be sharing your bed with your favorite feline?” It’s definitely a good question and worth asking especially if you have had to deal with some of the annoying night time cat habits featured in this infographic.

Cat Bed or Your Baed

If you’re part of the 62% of Cat owners who share a bed with their cat(s) then you’ll appreciate the info in this infographic. Along with the funny scenarios it does offer some good info and could help you decide whether you should keep sleeping with your cat…or not.

Is your Cat(s) sleeping with you? How is it working out? Let us know in the comments.

Cat Bed Infographic

Click the infographic to go to the full size version.
Prepared by Terry’s Fabrics – copyright 2015

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