Cat Behavior Tip 1

Improve your Cat's Environment to improve your Cat's Behavior problems

How to address your cats' basic needs
to solve their behavior issues.

Your cat's behavior problems may be caused by stress from a poor environment. Providing the proper surrounding for your cat will help to reduce or eliminate inappropriate behavior and keep problems from coming back.

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help improve your cats' behavior problems.

  • Create a personal space for your cat. This can be a spare room or an area in the house that is just for your cat.

    Your cat will also need to have things such as a food dish and water bowl, litter box, cat bed and toys to play with.

    Some ideas might be the space behind the couch with a bed or a window ledge with a good view of some outside activity.

  • Choose a location in the house for your cat's food bowls and water dishes that is away from the daily traffic in the house. Also keep them away from noise appliances that can startle your cat while they are eating.

    Also remember to keep the food dishes and water bowls clean with fresh food and water.

  • Cats will always scratch as it is a part of their natural behavior. Providing a scratching post will keep your cat away from your valuable furniture an allow them to scratch to their hearts delight.

    Be sure to provide both vertical and horizontal scratching surfaces. Different materials are available allowing you to find a cat scratch post that will fit your cat's preference.

  • A safe retreat up high will help your cat feel less vulnerable. Perches where your cat can look down help to feel safer. These can be anywhere such as window ledges, 2d floor stairways, or on a tall cat tree.

    Get creative and see what you can devise for your cats. There are a number of unique ideas online to help you thinking in the right direction.

  • A regular routine means regular behavior. Sudden change is not appreciated by your cat. Change is inevitable so when change does come make is gradual so you cat can easily adjust. Abrupt changes can cause cat behavior problems.

    Changes can include diet, cat litter, cat toys or other new cat related items. Keep change nice and easy so your cat can adapt to the change at their own pace.

  • Most cats love to play. Cat toys will lower any stress for your cat as well as add enjoyment and exercise to your cats' day. As you know cats aren't picky and will play with almost anything. You can use your imagination and make your own toys or check your local pet store for some ideas.

    Avoid cat toys that your cat can swallow or become entangled in. Some good toys to try are balls, catnip toys, boxes (big and small), foil rolled into a ball, plastic springs and toy mice.

  • Please don't punish your cat when they misbehave with yelling or hitting. This will only make matters worse. They will become frightened of you and of their environment.

    Try distracting your cat with a moving object such as a toy or by making a loud noise such as a clap or whistling sound.

Making your cats surrounding a safe and happy place for them will help to eliminate their bad behavior as well as improve your relationship with them. These idea are easy to try and can be done almost right away. As you gradually improve your cats' world their behavior problems will also improve.