See the fun things for Cats and Cat Lovers inside Day 11 of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar.

Ah, back under the Christmas tree again. The security of the long green branches, the warm glow of the lights, the comfy red tree wrap and all those decorations to play with! This is going to be another great Holiday!
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Each day of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar will feature lots of cool Cat stuff. You’ve already seen the fun Christmas Cat pic. We’ll also have helpful Cat Info along with Cat Lover freebies such as Cat Guides, Wallpapers, info-graphics and coloring pages you can enjoy all year long. We’ll also have a few Gift Ideas to help when you go Christmas shopping for your Cat or Kitten and the Cat Lovers on your List.


A Guide to Cat and Kitten Care

Kitten potrait

The RSPCA has a helpful guide with the things you need to know when bringing a new Cat or Kitten home. The Guide to Kitten and Cat care covers many areas including settling in, healthcare, diet and many other important topics.


Cats Coloring Sheet

Cat coloring sheet

This is the largest clowder of cats ever. It’s an ambitious cat coloring sheet, to say the least. It’s the perfect coloring sheet for Cat lovers and will look amazing when it’s done. So many Cats and so many colors!


Cat Fact

The reason Cats are able to fit through openings the size of their head is because they don’t have collarbones which gives them the flexibility to squeeze through small spaces.


Cat Quote

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”
Mary Bly


Christmas Gift Ideas

Click an image or title below for more details on today’s gift ideas.


Cat Printed School Backpack

Cat Printed School Backpack

This is a fun backpack for Cat Lovers. It’s made of soft, durable canvas and cotton with a polyester lining. There are lots of roomy pockets and pouches including a compartment for a 13 inch laptop. This Cat Backpack is great for school, travel or work and its unique Cat design will stand out from the crowd.


Cat Travel Daypack

Cat Travel Daypack

Now you can take a Cat with you ll the time. The Cat Travel Daypack is a perfect design, and size, for Kids who love Cats. It’s made of quality PU leather with a polyester interior. It has one big interior zippered pocket for an iPad, tablet or small books, two small pockets for a phone and 1 front zipper pocket. It’s 11.8 inches high, 9 inches wide and 4.3 inches deep. There is also a slightly larger Cat Backpack available if you need something slightly larger.

You can see more awesome Cat Backpacks here.


Come Back Tomorrow for Day 12!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Cat Christmas Advent. Each day we’ll have a new Advent for you to enjoy right up until Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!


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