See the fun things for Cats and Cat Lovers inside Day 23 of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar.

This is such a cute Cat enjoying the Holidays with some ribbons and presents. The big day is coming. Might as well relax and conserve your energy in preparation for the festivities ahead!
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Each day of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar will feature lots of cool Cat stuff. You’ve already seen the fun Christmas Cat pic. We’ll also have helpful Cat Info along with Cat Lover freebies such as Cat Guides, Wallpapers, info-graphics and coloring pages you can enjoy all year long. We’ll also have a few Gift Ideas to help when you go Christmas shopping for your Cat or Kitten and the Cat Lovers on your List.


Guide to Cat Care

Guide to Cat Care

The Mayhew Guide to Cat Care contains lots of very helpful information for anyone thinking of getting a Cat or anyone who already owns a Cat. It covers all the important areas from choosing a Cat to bringing them home to caring for them.


Christmas Kitten Wallpaper

Christmas Kitten Wallpaper

You can’t help but fall in love with this cute little kitten in this heart-warming Christmas wallpaper for your computer desktop. This is a great Christmas wallpaper for any Cat Lovers computer screen.


Cat Facts

A female cat is called a queen or a molly. A group of cats is called a “clowder” and the technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar.”


Cat Quote

“Cats have been all over the Internet for many years. This makes total sense, as they seem to spend half their lives trying to stand and sit on the keyboards of our laptops.”
Tom Cox


Christmas Gift Ideas

Click an image or title below for more details on today’s gift ideas.


Playful Cat on Back Statue

Playful Cat on Back Statue

Although the summertime may be the furthest thing from your mind during the Holidays, this playful cat sculpture would be a wonderful addition to your home or garden when the warm weather returns. This Cat sculpture is hand-cast using real crushed stone and bonded with high quality designer resin. It’s full length 11 and half inches.



Playful Cat Stretching Statue

This Cat sculpture almost purrs with pleasure ready to pounce on their favorite toy. Cast in quality designer resin, this playful cat statue is worth considering for any Cat Lovers yard or Garden. It measures 12 inches in length and would look great indoors or outdoors.

You can see more wonderful Cat Garden Statues here.


Come Back Tomorrow for Day 24!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Cat Christmas Advent. Each day we’ll have a new Advent for you to enjoy right up until Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!


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