See the fun things for Cats and Cat Lovers inside Day 5 of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar.

Here is a beautiful Black and White Cat hanging out under the Christmas Tree waiting for all the festivities to begin. I suppose not all Cats feel the need to climb and are more than happy feeling safe and secure underneath the tree.
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Each day of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar will feature lots of cool Cat stuff. You’ve already seen the fun Christmas Cat pic. We’ll also have helpful Cat Info along with Cat Lover freebies such as Cat Guides, Wallpapers, info-graphics and coloring pages you can enjoy all year long. We’ll also have a few Gift Ideas to help when you go Christmas shopping for your Cat or Kitten and the Cat Lovers on your List.


Amazing Facts About Cats!

Amazing Facts About Cats
Here is a fun booklet from that begins with some interesting facts about Cats and includes other animals like the Crayfish, Pig, Rat and Dog.


7 Life Hacks for Cats

Check out this popular Video that has some great life Hacks for Cats that you might be fun to try yourself.


Cat Fact

A Cat has the ability to make more than 100 different sounds compared to a Dog that can make only 10.


Cat Quote

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

Leonardo da Vinci


Christmas Gift Ideas

Click an image or title below for more details on today’s gift ideas.



Women’s Cute Cat Bifold Zipper Purse

Here is an awesome zipper purse that any Cat Lover would enjoy having. Three Cats wrap around the purse in a stylish design. Inside are slots for up to twelve cards, a photo window (for a picture of your favorite Cat), two bill-size slots, and a pocket for your phone or loose change.



Black Cat Face Wallet

Here is a fun Cat Face zip around wallet every Cat Lover should have. There is lot’s of room inside for bills, cards, your checkbook and loose change. There is even a matching Cat Face Handbag that goes perfectly with it.

You can see more fun ideas and designs for Cat Wallets here.


Come Back Tomorrow for Day 6!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Cat Christmas Advent. Each day we’ll have a new Advent for you to enjoy right up until Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!


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