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Check out the new Band of Cats Facebook page!

Posted by on Jun 13 2011 | Band of Cats News

We just finished setting up the Band of Cats page on facebook. With almost 700 million people we figured there must be a few Cat lovers on the site that would ‘Like’ our page, enjoy our pictures and find our blog helpful, plus the more cats the better.

The Band of Cats facebook page
The Band of Cats facebook page

We’ll be adding more pics, info and other cool stuff as we build up the page. All we need is you! We’ve opened up the Photo area as well for anyone who would like to share their Cat or Kitten pictures with us.

Drop by and visit the Band of Cats facebook page, give us a ‘Like’, leave a few comments, and share some of your cat pictures and stories with us. We hope to see you all there!

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What makes a Cat tweet?

Posted by on Mar 31 2009 | Band of Cats News

Twitter, that’s what. The Band of Cats have joined the huge community of other furry tweeters on Twitter. We already have lots of great followers and have found an amazing amount of cats to follow.

Band of Cats on Twitter
Band of Cats on Twitter

If you’re a cat or a cat lover on twitter, stop by the Band of Cats Twitter page and follow Spooky, Dax and Jade. We have a bunch of tweets so far with more on the way.

We used the list of tweeting Cats on the Cats Who Twitter site to find some great cats to follow. We’re really happy with the followers we have so far and can’t wait for more cat to follows us.

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Join the Band of Cats new social tool for free!

Posted by on Dec 08 2008 | Band of Cats News

In the age of social media we’ve just added a social tool to the site called Friend Connect. We though it would be a great way to connect with the hundreds of people who visit the Band of Cats each day.

It’s free and takes only a couple of seconds to join. Just click the ‘Join This Site‘ button at the top of the right sidebar to get started. I’ve got the ball rolling and have already joined. Hope to see you there soon!

There are a few other tools that we’ll add soon that allow you to make comments and share them with others. We’ll have fun with what we have so far and continue to grow from there!

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Abandoned Cats suffer inhumane ‘clean-up’ in Beijing.

Posted by on May 20 2008 | Band of Cats News

The Animal Consciousness Foundation says China wants to kill cats to look good for the Olympics. Animal welfare groups are protesting the animal death camps for cats on the edge of the city in Beijing. Cats are being left to die in one of the most inhuman acts I’ve ever heard of. People are killing cats in the street from fear of a government campaign warning of the diseases cats carry. Cat are being hauled off in cages to meat markets.

How can something like this be happening in our day and age? Hearing about all those poor cats being killed in such inhumane ways is unbelievably unsettling. These cats have just as much right to live as any other creature on this planet. These disgusting acts are incomprehensible! This has to stop. Voice your outrage.

You can find out what you can do in this article from the Animal Consciousness Foundation.

This article about the Beijing death camps for cats has more information and shows the grim reality of the situation.

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Band of Cats Television Show Coming this Fall!

Posted by on Apr 01 2008 | Band of Cats News

Stay tuned this fall for The Band of Cats TV show! It’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us!!

Band of Cats Television show

We weren’t allowed to say anything until now just incase the proposal was rejected. But we got the green light and then some. Everyone who saw the pilot said it was nice to see a new and fresh direction for television programming.

We’ve been working together with a production company to produce a pilot for the show. The general idea was a show about the adventures and interactions between cats and their owners in a multiple cat home.  It turned out better than we thought and certainly played an important part in getting the attention of two major networks. Of course it also helped having an uncle in the business.

We can’t mention the production company or the networks involved since it’s still too early. We may be able to put the pilot online here soon, but we don’t want to jepordise anything, so we’re only telling everyone about the show for now.

I just hope Spooky, Dax, Jasmine and Jade don’t get anymore ‘big headed’ over this. At least not anymore then they already are. 😉

Stay-tuned for more news coming soon! Same Cat time. Same Cat Channel!

April Fools!
This would have been great if were true. It was fun while it lasted. I guess its back to reruns of Top Cat until fame does decide to come our way.

Let us know about your Cat April Fool’s jokes in the comments!

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From Disney to Star Wars – the Band of Cats are leaving their mark!

Posted by on Dec 11 2007 | Band of Cats News

The Band of Cats name is really getting around these days. Here are a bunch of places Jasmine, Jade, Spooky and Dax have left their mark.

Band of Cats at Disneyland
Here they are with Mickey on the Disneyland sign.

Band of Cats on the road
It’s better than sitting in your car doing nothing!
See more Pictures of Cats in – From Disney to Star Wars – the Band of Cats are leaving their mark!


Band of Cats on Blog Intro!

Posted by on Nov 30 2007 | Band of Cats News

We were introduced on Blog Intro yesterday. What a thrill to see a big screen shot of our blog on their main page. Drop by and vote for us when you have a moment. We’d really appreciate it.

If we’re not on the main page anymore you’ll find us in the Pets category. on the Main Page. Drop by and vote for us!

Drop by and vote for the photo blog. We’d be thrilled if you did!

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