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How to Put Your Cat into a Time Warp

Posted by on Jun 11 2009 | Jade, Pictures of cats

Look at Dax our tuxedo cat. He seems to be lost in a time warp where he doesn’t know if he is coming or going. He is in the space between here and there or then and now. Dax has stepped into a world where the time continuum has been severely distorted. Poor Dax.

Dax our tuxedo cat caught in a Time Warp
Dax our tuxedo cat caught in a Time Warp

Of course, Dax isn’t really in a time warp. We were just having some fun with the camera. You can do the same with your cat photos providing you have a slow flash setting on your camera. Most digital SLRs will have them.
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A Cascade of Incredible Cat Wallpapers for Your Desktop – Part 3

Posted by on Apr 22 2009 | cat wallpaper, Jade, Pictures of cats

Wallpapers can be fun, inspiring and attractive. They can lift your spirits and transform your computer screen into a visual wonderland. This is especially true when it comes to cat wallpapers. They can offer an endearing, special experience and provide a great lift on life for any cat lover.

With all the cat wallpapers here you could have a different cat wallpaper on your desktop each day, if you’re ambitious enough. We’ve been showcasing cat wallpapers that have these qualities in ‘A Cascade of Incredible Cat Wallpapers for Your Desktop – Part 1‘ and ‘A Cascade of Incredible Cat Wallpapers for Your Desktop – Part 2‘ and we continue with more gorgeous, artistic and hilarious cat wallpapers in our third installment.

Take a look through our latest 50 wallpapers. We hope you find some fun, inspiration and beauty that will liven up your day.

Cat Kitten Wallpaper
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Jade’s new Bag

Posted by on Oct 08 2008 | Jade, Pictures of cats

It’s been a while since Jade has conquered a box by thinking outside of the box. With no boxes in sight it looks like she decided to try out a bag instead. She came across a plastic bag on the floor and I guess she figured it was better than nothing.

She walked away from it a few minutes later seeming a bit disappointed that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as a box. Even so, Jade came back a few minutes later to give the bag a second go. Good show Jade! Hopefully there will be a box for you in the near future. Maybe with a bag in it!

Jade\'s New Bag
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Jade comes home

Posted by on May 17 2008 | Jade, Pictures of cats

Jade had another trip to the vets for a follow-up visit. This time she had to stay overnight for observation and then go for x-rays in the morning. She wasn’t very happy going in the first place and staying overnight was probably the last thing she wanted.

We found out that she has a stone in each of here kidneys. She’ll have them for the rest of her life unless we remove them with surgery. The surgery cost a small fortune so the vet has recommended we slowly introduce her to a wet food diet to help her breakdown the stones or at least keep them from getting any bigger.

We may have to start a fund for Jade if surgery becomes her only option. We’re hoping she does well with her new diet and we have no more worries.

Poor Jade. She was happy to be home, needless to say, but she’s been yelling at us for the past few days for putting her through all that. She’s been getting some extra attention to help her feel better and yesterday she stepped outside to enjoy some beautiful sunny weather. Oh, and she love her new food!

Jade acts out of character and boldly steps outside to enjoy the day.
Jade acts out of character and boldly steps outside to enjoy the day.
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Jade doesn’t feel like playing.

Posted by on May 09 2008 | Dax, Jade

Dax and Jade went to the vets the other day. Dax was fine, but Jade had a bladder infection. We weren’t surprised to hear that since she’s been urinating outside of her litter box.

We got some medicine for Jade, so we hope once she’s better she’ll go to the bathroom in her litter box again. If it’s a behavioral thing for Jade then it’ll be a bit more work to get her to use her litter box again.

If anyone has gone through something similar with their cat and has any advice to share we could certainly use some help in this area. We’ve searched around the net and got some tips.

Dax wants to play with Jade and she just isn’t interested as you can see in the photos. Poor Jade. Get better soon.

C\'mon Jade let\'s play.
C’mon Jade let’s play.
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Chillin’ with Jade in the Kitchen

Posted by on Apr 27 2008 | Jade

Jade decided to mix things up a bit and break her usual habit of crashing on the big green couch for the afternoon and came to see what was going on in the kitchen.

Spooky and Dax were there as well, but nothing exciting was happening in the kitchen. I guess Jade just needed a change of scenery or some company. Maybe it was the warming effect of the sun streaming in through the back window or the lingering smell of last nights salmon dinner. Ah the life of a cat.

Whatever it was something attracted Jade to the Kitchen. So we just hung out and spent some quality time together doing nothing. Here’s Jade chillin’ in the Kitchen.

There is food in this thing, right? Any cat food in there?
There is food in this thing, right? Any cat food in there?
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It’s so nice when Cats get along

Posted by on Apr 08 2008 | Dax, Jade, Pictures of cats

Jade is usually hissing and hiding away most of the time. You’d think she was an anti-social little thing, but every once in a while she proves us wrong. Just the other day Jade nuzzled up to Dax as if they were soul mates.

It was a heart-warming moment that brought a tear to my eye. Jade: what a sweetheart of a Cat.
The best part was we actually got some pictures of the whole thing. This is the Jade we all know and love.

Pictures ofCats - Jade-Dax - friends
Dax and Jade showing their affection by head butting each other.
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How Jade thinks outside of the Box

Posted by on Mar 24 2008 | Funny Cats, Jade

Jade’s box obsession continues. Here she is in her latest find. We left a box on the floor from a small framed print that came in the mail and Jade was quick to investigate.

It was a little on the small side, even for Jade, but that was okay with her. No box is too small (except maybe a jewelry box) or too big for Jade.

At one point it looked like Jade was trying to pack herself up for shipping as if she had been sold on ebay. So, we made a fun lolcats picture. You can see and vote on our lolcats picture here!

As soon as she got in the box she was out of the box, if you know what I mean. Being in and out of the box at the same time was a refreshingly new experience for Jade. It’s a box; it’s a matt. This is a box that’s two things in one. Cool.

Now that’s thinking out of the box!

Pictures of Cats - Jade - Thinking out of the box
Jade’s latest find!
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The Amazing Cat Couch Sleep-a-rama!

Posted by on Mar 05 2008 | Dax, Jade, Jasmine, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Our cats sleep all over the house at night. They each have their favorite spot to crash at bedtime. Sometimes it’s the couch, other times it’s a chair, or the stairs, a scratch post, well, you get the idea.

Suffice to say, all four of our cats rarely sleep together in the same spot. It just doesn’t happen very often.

Last night was one of those rare moments when the entire Band picked the same spot to sleep! Of course the spot they choose was our big green couch.

I was lucky enough to witness this rare phenomenon and took a few pictures for all to see. I think we’ll see another Lunar Eclipse before this happens again. 😉

Pictures of Cats - Four Cats on a Couch
Everyone is on the big green comfy couch tonight!
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Jade has a Ball!

Posted by on Jan 16 2008 | Jade

One night Jade came into the room and plopped herself down right beside one of the kids toys. It was a little blue ball. She swatted at it and it rolled over to me. “So we’re playing in the playroom now, are we?” I asked.
I rolled the ball back to her. She pawed it for a little while and swatted it back to me again.

“I’ll take that as a Yes” I said.

Apparently Jade wasn’t happy playing with her toys and wanted to try out some new ones.

Also, I figured Jade was lacking some much needed attention, so I stayed there and we played ball for a while in her newly acquired playroom. Soon she had enough of the ball and tried out a few other toys before abruptly leaving.

Something tells me she’ll be back again since all her toys are lost somewhere under the fridge or stove.

Anyway, here’s Jade having ‘a ball’!

Pictures of Cats - Jade has a ball - 01
Jade has found a new toy!
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Has Jade’s quest for her dream box ended?

Posted by on Jan 08 2008 | Cute Cats, Jade

I took these fun pictures of Jade getting boxed in while I was straightening up things in the family room after a very action-packed and fun Christmas week.

I was almost done with a few items left to put away including the box for a toy guitar. By the time I got to the box there was something else in it. Jade! I shouldn’t be so surprised all the time this happens, but I was.

Jade is always the first to appear in any empty box we leave sitting around. She just loves them. This was another hit and a perfect fit with a shape she had never seen before. This box was unlike any of the others she had seen. Jade could actually stretch out in this one.

Most of the boxes Jade gets into are just too small for even her. Somehow she manages to contort herself enough to fit in. Not this time. There was room to move in this one. Was this her dream box? Was her quest over? It sure seemed that way.

Jade got the box and I put the toy Guitar in a soft case. She looked too content to disturb her and, after all, it was Christmas.

Let us know if any of your feline friends share Jade’s love of boxes or any other things cats like to crawl into. Send us a comment and let us know.

In the meantime here is Jade in her dream-box. Enjoy!

Jades’ dream box 01 - Pictures of Cats
Jade finds her new box moments after it appears on the floor.
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The Band of Cats have made a total elf of themselves!

Posted by on Dec 15 2007 | Dax, Funny Cats, Jade, Jasmine, Spooky

In true spirit of Christmas, the Band of Cats have ‘elfed’ themselves. Take look!

Bandof Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Groovin’ Elfs

Band of Cats - they have Elfatitis

You can see the Band of Cats doing their thang and getting down with their bad-elf-selves here!

Go and get yourself or your furry friends elfed at

For the humbug crowd there’s also

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