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Jasmine – Nov 3, 1999 to Dec 18, 2008

Posted by on Dec 19 2008 | Jasmine, Pictures of cats

Jasmine is getting a different perspective on things

It is with great sadness to tell you that our beloved princess Jasmine passed away on Dec 18th from kidney disease. It happened quite quickly and the vets were unable to help her. It’s hard to believe she’s really gone. Jasmine was a wonderful cat and we will all miss her very much.


Jasmine Rocking and Rolling in the Sun

Posted by on Oct 10 2008 | Jasmine, Pictures of cats

Jasmine is our rock and roll cat. This time she’s shaking, rattling and rolling in the sun. She’s all shook-up. She’s twistin’ and turnin’. She is moving and groovin’ this time.

I think it was the effect of the hot sun on her fur. Having someone around to encourage her on helped a bit too! Watch her as she rolls into the ‘cuteness of rock ‘n roll’ record books.

Jasmine Cat rocks and rolls
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Jasmine on a Roll, again.

Posted by on Oct 07 2008 | Jasmine, Pictures of cats

Here is Jasmine on a roll again. When she’s feeling playful she drops and rolls. She especially likes it when there is someone to play with when she’s rolling. Enjoy the pictures. You can see Jasmine’s other rolling escapes here. Stay tuned for Jasmine’s next roll…

Jasmine rolling
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Thumbs-up for Cat Treats

Posted by on Jun 06 2008 | Jasmine, Spooky

The opposable thumb is the one thing keeping our cats from getting to their treats by themselves. It’s interesting to see, from sheer determination and will, how they devise their own creative ways to get their treats out of the container.

Obviously we help them in the end. Everyone got their treats during our bi-weekly claw clipping. But it never hurts to let them try on their own. After all, they are independent creatures.

Jade and Dax used the spill approach and knocked the container to the floor to get the treats out. Ingenious, but kind of predictable. Jasmine and Spooky on the other hand had their own methods which were unsuccessful in the end but where more entertaining and unique.

I see you in there.
I see you in there.
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Dax and Jasmine as Sun-pals

Posted by on Apr 30 2008 | Dax, Jasmine

We’ve been very fortunate with a long stretch of sunny weather for April and the cats have taken full advantage of it. Jasmine and Dax shared some time enjoying the Sun, nuzzling and hanging out together. It was like watching ‘Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin cats’ with no worries, no place to be and enjoying the day!

Nice sunny day, huh Jasmine?
Nice sunny day, huh Jasmine?
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Jasmine’s sun-lovin’ extravaganza! Part-2

Posted by on Apr 29 2008 | Jasmine

Our sun-lovin’ cat came back the very next day just like clockwork. Jasmine was back again for more sun-lovin’ fun. Here she creates a dramatic shadow of her own while being surrounded with a silver-lining from an intense sunbeam.

Jasmine\'s silver lining.
Jasmine’s silver lining.
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Jasmine’s Sun-lovin’ Extravaganza! Part-1

Posted by on Apr 26 2008 | Jasmine

Jasmine loves sunny days. Spooky does too, but I think Jasmine loves them more. Jasmine spends the most time sitting, rolling and lying in the sun. On a sunny day our back door is the prime spot for any sun-lovin’ cat. There is a nice big matt there that gets completely drenched in sunlight.

Jasmine has spent countless sunny afternoons there and keeps coming back for more. Here is the first of 2 series of images of our Sun-lovin’ cat Jasmine. In this series Jasmine is getting a full dose of sunlight while being surrounded with some dramatic shadows from the back door curtains. Enjoy.

Sun lovin\' Jasmine
Sun lovin Jasmine
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Don’t look now but your cats are watching you.

Posted by on Apr 01 2008 | Dax, Jasmine

We had been having a run of beautiful Sunny days with unseasonably warm temperatures. I decided to take advantage of this warm spell and do some woodworking and a few other things in the backyard.

After a couple of hours I looked back at the house and noticed I had some company. I was being watched by two of our cats. It was Dax and Jasmine. They were very curious about why I was outside and what I was doing.

Normally I would have let them out to explore and sniff around for a while, but the yard was a bit of a mess and the noise from my power tools would probably scare them back inside.

So I let my little furry audience of two had to stay behind the safety of our back door and continue to be entertained by my back-yard activities.

Here they are watching the show.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine and Dax as the Back Door Cats
A furry audience of two.
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Jasmine loves Boots

Posted by on Mar 30 2008 | Funny Cats, Jasmine

Jasmine followed her nose into a nice pair of winter boots the other day. She loves all kinds of footwear, especially our winter boots. She strode into the kitchen gave me a quick glance and dove into the boots.

It was funny watching how much she enjoyed playing around with them. At one point she almost completely disappeared in one boot.

Check out Jasmine getting into her favorite pair of boots.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine loves boots
You’ll have to excuse me for a moment, these boots require my immediate attention.
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Jasmine’s Double-Whammy Power Yawn

Posted by on Mar 21 2008 | Jasmine, Sleeping Cats

Here’s Jasmines’ entry into the world of impressive cat yawns. Let me tell ya, this is a good one. Our current record holder is Dax’s Big Yawn. But I think Jasmine might give Dax a run for his money with this performance.

Jasmine was having a good time rolling around and napping in the sun beams as they streamed through the back door one winter afternoon. Then it happened, not one yawn, but two!

Jasmine casually rolled on to her back and the rest was cat yawn history. There’s not much else I can say but Wow! Right-on Jasmine.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine Power Yawn
Jasmine napping in the sun.
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A secret between two cats

Posted by on Mar 16 2008 | Dax, Jasmine

Dax shared what seemed to be a very hi-key secret with Jasmine the other day. We tried to make it out but we had two things going against us. We weren’t close enough to hear and we didn’t speak ‘cat’. Figures eh?

Anyway, luckily for us Jade, our informant, speaks ‘cat’ fluently. Jade didn’t tell us what Dax said word for word but it was something about who really runs the show around here and the best way to get extra food when you need it.

It didn’t surprise us much as we pretty much knew all that stuff already. I guess Jasmine just needed a reaffirmation of sorts and Dax decided he was the cat for the job.

We’ve since let the cats continue with their little charade of dominance and independence. But we’ve tightened up on leaving any food laying about (especially Tuna) and maintained weekly updates from our informant.

Let’s see who is the boss next time Dinner is late. They’ll be putty in our hands, at least until their fed.

Pictures of cats - Jasmine-Dax - Cat Secret
Now listen up, and pay attention cause I’m gonna say this once.
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Close encounter with an Alien Cat

Posted by on Mar 14 2008 | Jasmine

A few days ago an alien cat landed in our kitchen and started observing our morning routing trying to figure out just what all the commotion was about.

(We know it’s Jasmine in our kid’s saucer, but just play along with us on this one, okay?)

She remained very still and went unnoticed at first. It wasn’t until one of our kids noticed the Alien cat hiding in the shadows that we knew we where being watched. We kept our distance and stayed calm until we knew what the Alien cat’s next move.

The alien cat seemed at first very reluctant  to leave the security of their spacecraft. She seemed to be able to breathe our air and wasn’t intimidated by us and our activities. The Alien cat also had an uncanny resemblance to Jasmine our house cat.

I wasn’t until we left the room that the Alien Cat started to venture out of the vessel. We were unable to determined why it was there and what it was looking for.

We came back to the kitchen a few hours later and noticed the Alien Cat was gone and so was the food and water from all the cat bowls.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine - Close encounter with the Alien Cat
Stardate15563 – Entry:342.56 – I’ve landed on a strange planet inhabited by giant creatures.
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