Jade goes from high energy to no energy.

Jade is one of the more active cats in the ‘band’. When it’s time to play around the house, she’ll travel every inch of the house. One of the stranger places Jade will go is behind our entertainment center. She’ll walk in through the Video shelf and out...

Jade’s Drum Solo rocks the house!

Let me set the scene for you on this one. The kids were having a ball playing in the TV room with all their toys. The place was a zone; toys everywhere, lot’s of noise – crazy busy fun! Most of the cats are used to this but Jade avoids these hectic sessions...

When Cats Run the Internet!

Jade always comes into the computer room every night for a visit when someone is working late. Most of the time I assume she’s looking for a late night snack. Tonight I think she had a different agenda. She jumped onto the desk and started hitting the keys on the...

Jade – A Cat of many faces

Jade is our little tortoise shell cat. She is a cat of many moods and faces as are most cats for that matter. Truly a wonder of feline-dom. When Jade was a kitten she loved visitors. Now she runs and hides from anyone coming in the house. She used to be a very...
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