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Cat Portraits: See how one person easily made their sleeping Cat Photos more fun!

Posted by on Feb 22 2011 | Pictures of cats, Sleeping Cats

Here is a fun twist on Cat Portraits. You can only take so many pet portraits of your cat sleeping and lying about, right? How about the next time your cat is stretched out on the living room carpet you try something a bit different and creative for those sleeping cat portraits you love to take?

Scuba diving sleeping cat portrait
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How much is that kitten in the window?

Posted by on Nov 17 2009 | Pictures of Kittens, Sleeping Cats

We stopped by our local pet shop the other day to see the pets in their front window. Each time we go they have a new bunch of kittens to see. We usually drop by in the afternoon when the kittens are napping.

As usual they always get a lot of attention from people walking by. This time they had some cute gray kittens and a few tortoise shell kittens. It was nap time when we arrived and they had chosen some unique spots to sleep. The kittens were taking a catnap on top of the litter box, behind the litter box by the window and beside the water dish.

Cute Kittens at the pet store
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Spooky Overcome by the Paralyzing Powers of the Sun

Posted by on Jun 03 2008 | Pictures of cats, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Spooky spent almost an entire sunny afternoon frozen in time and trapped by a sun beam, like Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.

He may even have had an out of body cat experience considering a tap or nudge didn’t have much affect on him. There was the occasional “mmmfph” or brief opening of the eyes just to let us know it was really Spooky and not some conceptual art piece that belongs in an art gallery entitled “Cat in Sun”.

Spooky did manage to break out of his motionless state long enough to look around, clean-up a little and then get back to his sun nap. Here he is in all his sun soaked glory.

Spooky is trapped in the Suns warming powers
Spooky is trapped in the Suns warming powers
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Jasmine’s Double-Whammy Power Yawn

Posted by on Mar 21 2008 | Jasmine, Sleeping Cats

Here’s Jasmines’ entry into the world of impressive cat yawns. Let me tell ya, this is a good one. Our current record holder is Dax’s Big Yawn. But I think Jasmine might give Dax a run for his money with this performance.

Jasmine was having a good time rolling around and napping in the sun beams as they streamed through the back door one winter afternoon. Then it happened, not one yawn, but two!

Jasmine casually rolled on to her back and the rest was cat yawn history. There’s not much else I can say but Wow! Right-on Jasmine.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine Power Yawn
Jasmine napping in the sun.
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Hey Spooky, you’re soaking in it!

Posted by on Mar 12 2008 | Cat Facts, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Spooky has been taking full advantage of the sunny days we’ve been having this week by spending alot of time soaking up the afternoon sun. He loves sitting and sleeping in the sun beams that pour into the kitchen and always seems to find the primo spot for maximum soak and toasty-ness.

Apart from creating a warm place to nap, light plays an important role in regulating a cats biological clock. The cats daily rhythms that control sleep, hormone output and other functions are influenced by light. A cats yearly rhythms are also influenced by the amount of daylight which include seasonal shedding and reproductive heat cycles.

Here’s Spooky ‘soaking in it’ and keeping warm on a cold winter’s day while also working on his biological clock.

Pictures of Cats - Spooky Sun Soaked
Spooky relaxing and soaking up the afternoon sun.
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The Amazing Cat Couch Sleep-a-rama!

Posted by on Mar 05 2008 | Dax, Jade, Jasmine, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Our cats sleep all over the house at night. They each have their favorite spot to crash at bedtime. Sometimes it’s the couch, other times it’s a chair, or the stairs, a scratch post, well, you get the idea.

Suffice to say, all four of our cats rarely sleep together in the same spot. It just doesn’t happen very often.

Last night was one of those rare moments when the entire Band picked the same spot to sleep! Of course the spot they choose was our big green couch.

I was lucky enough to witness this rare phenomenon and took a few pictures for all to see. I think we’ll see another Lunar Eclipse before this happens again. 😉

Pictures of Cats - Four Cats on a Couch
Everyone is on the big green comfy couch tonight!
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Spooky and Dax’s Snuggle Fest

Posted by on Feb 03 2008 | Dax, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

The colder it gets outside the more our cats like to snuggle up and share body heat to keep warm. It’s a great way to get a good night sleep during the winter months without having to crawl under layers of blankets.

Remember the Friends episode where Joey started taking naps with Ross. Afterwards Joey said it was the best nap he ever had and kept sneaking more naps with Ross. Why? Bodyheat!

Anyway, the past few days have been extremely cold so Spooky and Dax have been snuggling up together to share some body heat. I’m certain they didn’t get the idea from Joey either.

Here are some cute shots of them snuggling up together on a few occasions. Don’t they make a lovely couple?

Spooky and Dax’s Cat Snuggle Fest
A little tidying up before bedtime.
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Dax’s Big Snooze

Posted by on Jan 21 2008 | Dax, Sleeping Cats

Dax is a great sleeper. He loves to sleep the afternoon away just as most cats do.

One of his favorite spots to crash is at the bottom of the scratch post on the carpeted base.

One early afternoon Dax did just that. He walked over to the scratch post and plopped down on the comfy base. There’s only room on the base to fit his head so his body stretches out along the carpeted floor.

Once he’s there he’s out for a few hours. It’s his big snooze for the day.
Here is Dax going through the motions that eventually lead up to his big snooze.

Pictures of Cats - Dax’s Big Snooze
Time for a Big Snooze!
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Is your Cat a Couch-Potato?

Posted by on Oct 23 2007 | Pictures of cats, Sleeping Cats

I’m becoming slightly concerned about the band. They seem to be putting in a lot of couch time these days.

It’s not like the cats are on the couch all day with a remote in one paw and a brew in the other, but if I didn’t know any better I think they’re turning into couch potatoes. Is it a cat thing? A passing phase? Maybe so. Maybe they’ve always been couch potatoes and I haven’t noticed.

We have 2 big pretty comfy couches and there’s always a cat on one or both of them. Oh look there is Jade on the couch now. There’s Spooky on the other one!

They’re totally ignoring their cat bed, which has to be just as comfy. If I was a cat I’d sleep there. I guess nothing beats a big soft couch to snooze on.

Here they are in training for couch potatoes 101. I think some new daily activities are in order. Do they make cat treadmills?

Pictures of cats - Couch potato cat party
It’s a big Couch Potato Cat Party on the big white couch!
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Eye-opening facts you should know about your cats sleeping habits.

Posted by on Sep 29 2007 | Dax, Jade, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

It’s a cat’s life. Our cats spend a lot of time sleeping. Being one of their most favorite activities, cats will sleep 2/3 of their lives away. In fact, our cats are all sleeping right now as I write this. I wish I could say that about myself too. In general cats will sleep about 14 to 18 hours a day which sounds like our cats.

pictures of cats - sleeping habits
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A little help from my friends

Posted by on Aug 24 2007 | Dax, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

What is it about cats? One minute they’re hissing and swatting at each other and the next they’re the best of friends. Must be some kind of territorial / power struggle thing. I’ll like you as long as you do things on my terms.

Anyway, here are some cute pics of one of their “I’m your best friend” moments. This is Spooky and Dax sharing the foot stool in the TV room where normally one of them would sleep the day away.

Pictures of Cats - Spooky and Dax as best friends
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Jade the Chicken Cat

Posted by on Aug 20 2007 | Funny Cats, Jade, Sleeping Cats

Jade is one of the more creative cats in the Band of Cats. See has her way of doing things and no is going to tell her different. One area that she gets the award for originality is sleeping. We have this nice big cushy couch. Jade loves to spleep on the big cushy couch, but in her own way.

We think she looks like a chicken when she sleeps this way, so we’ve dubbed her ‘Chicken Cat’. Anyway, here she is as the sleeping chicken cat!

Pictures of cats - Jade the chicken cat
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