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Spooky Returns!

Posted by on Aug 21 2008 | Lost Cats, Spooky

Ever since our close call with Spooky the other night we haven’t been able to find him again. We assume he is somewhere around the area where we had last seen him. I look for him during the day thinking he might be easier to spot and again in the late evening when he might be out walking about.

After searching all over I was beginning to think that Spooky didn’t want to be found and would come home when he was ready. I planned to keep looking but I was getting quite discouraged without being able to find him anywhere.

On Wednesday evening were busy getting the house ready for some guests and I was planning to go out for another look around the area for Spooky after I was finished.

We were missing some wheels for a bed we were setting up in the spare room. My wife decided to run out to the store and pick-up a set to save time. When she came back she had a surprise. Spooky was with her!!

Spooky back home safe and sound
Spooky back home safe and sound
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The Search for Spooky

Posted by on Aug 18 2008 | Lost Cats, Spooky

It’s been 3 days since Spooky disappeared. We’ve been out looking for him everyday without any luck. It seems like we’ve looked everywhere and are running out of places to look.

Mid-morning lay-about
Where are you Spooky?

We put his food dish on the front porch along with some cat treats hoping it would help him find his way back home. If anything it’ll keep him fed. Normally, we wouldn’t worry about Spooky, but he’s an indoor cat who has never been out of the house beyond the backyard.

If you’ve ever lost a pet you understand how frustrating it is to not know anything about where they are. After three days of Spooky missing, we finally got somewhere in our search late last night.

I looked out on the front porch around 11:30pm and noticed Spooky’s food dish was empty. I decided to go out and look around just incase Spooky had been by.

I went out with a flashlight looking in the porches and gardens of each house. I must have went in the right direction because after minutes I looked down the street and saw something sitting on the sidewalk looking at me. It was Spooky!

It was the weirdest feeling seeing him there all of a sudden. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I walked up to him he ran up onto the front porch of a house. He was wet from the rain, dirty and scared.

It seemed as if he didn’t even know who I was. He started growling and meowing. I sat a few feet from him and tried to calm him down. I wanted to grab him but stopped myself.

After a few minutes Spooky ran past me down the porch to the sidewalk. He turned and looked at me once more before he ran, faster than I’ve ever seen him run, down the street an into the back lane. I followed as fast as I could but when I got to the back lane he was gone.

At least now I knew he was outside and in our area. Plus he was coming to his food dish. I went back home and told my wife what had happened and went back out in hopes to find him. I spent another two hours scouring the area for him. With no success, I figured Spooky wasn’t ready to come home just yet.

I put out some more food for Spooky, extra treats, catnip and his cat carrier and went to bed hoping tomorrow would be better.


Pictures of Cats 2008 – June 13

Posted by on Jun 14 2008 | Pictures of cats, Spooky

Enjoy today’s pictures of cats for the Pictures of Cats 2008 Project.

Lounging Spooky
Lounging Spooky

Roaming Jasmine
Roaming Jasmine

Rambunctious Jade
Rambunctious Jade

Maybe I should just jump over.
Maybe I should just jump over.

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Thumbs-up for Cat Treats

Posted by on Jun 06 2008 | Jasmine, Spooky

The opposable thumb is the one thing keeping our cats from getting to their treats by themselves. It’s interesting to see, from sheer determination and will, how they devise their own creative ways to get their treats out of the container.

Obviously we help them in the end. Everyone got their treats during our bi-weekly claw clipping. But it never hurts to let them try on their own. After all, they are independent creatures.

Jade and Dax used the spill approach and knocked the container to the floor to get the treats out. Ingenious, but kind of predictable. Jasmine and Spooky on the other hand had their own methods which were unsuccessful in the end but where more entertaining and unique.

I see you in there.
I see you in there.
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Spooky Overcome by the Paralyzing Powers of the Sun

Posted by on Jun 03 2008 | Pictures of cats, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Spooky spent almost an entire sunny afternoon frozen in time and trapped by a sun beam, like Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.

He may even have had an out of body cat experience considering a tap or nudge didn’t have much affect on him. There was the occasional “mmmfph” or brief opening of the eyes just to let us know it was really Spooky and not some conceptual art piece that belongs in an art gallery entitled “Cat in Sun”.

Spooky did manage to break out of his motionless state long enough to look around, clean-up a little and then get back to his sun nap. Here he is in all his sun soaked glory.

Spooky is trapped in the Suns warming powers
Spooky is trapped in the Suns warming powers
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Spooky’s Jumbo Yawn

Posted by on Mar 31 2008 | Spooky

We should make this a regular series on Band of Cats. I guess all the Sunny weather we’ve been getting lately has got the cats yawning more than usual. They’re not sleeping longer but the Sun could be wearing them out more.

Whatever the reason, here’s Spooky and his Sun-nap jumbo yawn. This yawn was during a very relaxing almost Zen-like afternoon Sun-bath/catnap. Spooky loved the moment and was in no hurry to go anywhere.

I’m convinced Spooky was completely stress-free after this catnap.

Pictures of Cats - Spooky Yawns
Welcome to my Sun-nap, Catnap!
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Hey Spooky, you’re soaking in it!

Posted by on Mar 12 2008 | Cat Facts, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Spooky has been taking full advantage of the sunny days we’ve been having this week by spending alot of time soaking up the afternoon sun. He loves sitting and sleeping in the sun beams that pour into the kitchen and always seems to find the primo spot for maximum soak and toasty-ness.

Apart from creating a warm place to nap, light plays an important role in regulating a cats biological clock. The cats daily rhythms that control sleep, hormone output and other functions are influenced by light. A cats yearly rhythms are also influenced by the amount of daylight which include seasonal shedding and reproductive heat cycles.

Here’s Spooky ‘soaking in it’ and keeping warm on a cold winter’s day while also working on his biological clock.

Pictures of Cats - Spooky Sun Soaked
Spooky relaxing and soaking up the afternoon sun.
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The Amazing Cat Couch Sleep-a-rama!

Posted by on Mar 05 2008 | Dax, Jade, Jasmine, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

Our cats sleep all over the house at night. They each have their favorite spot to crash at bedtime. Sometimes it’s the couch, other times it’s a chair, or the stairs, a scratch post, well, you get the idea.

Suffice to say, all four of our cats rarely sleep together in the same spot. It just doesn’t happen very often.

Last night was one of those rare moments when the entire Band picked the same spot to sleep! Of course the spot they choose was our big green couch.

I was lucky enough to witness this rare phenomenon and took a few pictures for all to see. I think we’ll see another Lunar Eclipse before this happens again. 😉

Pictures of Cats - Four Cats on a Couch
Everyone is on the big green comfy couch tonight!
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Spooky and Dax’s Snuggle Fest

Posted by on Feb 03 2008 | Dax, Sleeping Cats, Spooky

The colder it gets outside the more our cats like to snuggle up and share body heat to keep warm. It’s a great way to get a good night sleep during the winter months without having to crawl under layers of blankets.

Remember the Friends episode where Joey started taking naps with Ross. Afterwards Joey said it was the best nap he ever had and kept sneaking more naps with Ross. Why? Bodyheat!

Anyway, the past few days have been extremely cold so Spooky and Dax have been snuggling up together to share some body heat. I’m certain they didn’t get the idea from Joey either.

Here are some cute shots of them snuggling up together on a few occasions. Don’t they make a lovely couple?

Spooky and Dax’s Cat Snuggle Fest
A little tidying up before bedtime.
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The Band of Cats have made a total elf of themselves!

Posted by on Dec 15 2007 | Dax, Funny Cats, Jade, Jasmine, Spooky

In true spirit of Christmas, the Band of Cats have ‘elfed’ themselves. Take look!

Bandof Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Elf Dancing

Band of Cats - Groovin’ Elfs

Band of Cats - they have Elfatitis

You can see the Band of Cats doing their thang and getting down with their bad-elf-selves here!

Go and get yourself or your furry friends elfed at

For the humbug crowd there’s also

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Cats in Windows – How to explore the great outdoors without really being there.

Posted by on Nov 21 2007 | Dax, Jade, Jasmine, Pictures of cats, Spooky

For an indoor cat a window can be the only link to the outside world. It’s proof that there is something more beyond their enclosed domain. The amount of activity going on just outside any window can become endless entertainment for a cat.

Everything from birds, to bugs to clouds draws their attention? Just what are they looking for? Is it something specific or is it just simple cat curiosity? What lurks in the shadows? What can they see?

Cats in windows - Jasmine
Jasmine is fascinated by what’s going on out the back window.

The fascination cats have with windows and what lies beyond is all part of their daily routine. There is always something out there that draws them back. Maybe it’s the new frontier calling them; urging them to seek out new worlds, to boldly go where no cats has gone before. [Insert Star Trek theme music here]
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Does your cat love what they eat? Ours do!

Posted by on Nov 04 2007 | Dax, Jade, Jasmine, Pictures of cats, Spooky

Our cats are into their meals so much that they come to us an hour before dinner time. You’d think there was a sale on catnip and they needed to be the first in line before the store opened.

When feeding time finally arrives, the cats hover around their bowls with so much anticipation we can barely fill them with food.

I’m sure it’s not because we starve our cats or our fabulous company so I’m thinking they must really like their food.

Two Main Eating Goals

We’re big on nutrition and want to be sure our cats eat right, even if it costs a bit more. It sure beats paying those vet bills later on. You know what they say about prevention. But we also want their food to taste good. If you can cover these two areas you’ll be sure to have very few troubles getting your cats to eat.

Meals are usually over in a matter of minutes. If one cat finishes before the others they usually take over the bowl of another cat that is still eating. Dax eats so fast sometimes we have to remind him to chew his food. Jade likes to eat by herself and will stand up on her back legs to get to the food faster.

The Cat Food we feed our Cats 

The cats have been eating dry food for the most part but we try to keep a balanced mix of moist and dry food. We get our cat food from the vets. It’s called Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d. They offer many different types of cat food depending on your cat’s nutritional needs.

Start at their home page and look around. If you’re interested in switching your cat’s food, talk to your vet about using Hill’s.
What do you feed your cats? Do you have any trouble getting them to eat?

Here is the Band of Cats gathering around their bowls in hopes of getting fed early and finally chowing down when it’s meal time and the food finally arrives.

Pictures of Cats - Cat Food
Hovering around the food bowls an hour early waiting for breakfast.

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