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Circle the Cat – an Addictive Fun Cat Game

Here is a fun, easy to play Cat Game called Circle the Cat. It’s one of those, easy to learn, difficult to master type games. Give it try and see if you can stop the cat from getting out of the game. It’s not easy. Click on the circles to make them dark and stop the Cat. I think we finally were able to Circle the Cat after the 12th time. We included a screen shot of our success as proof that it can be done, just incase you decide to call it quits.

A Circled Cat in the Circle the Cat Game
A Circled Cat in the Circle the Cat Game

There is a bit of strategy along with some good old fashioned luck here. You start with a few circles at the beginning. Clicking a yellow circle will start the Cat moving.

Once you successfully manage to Circle the Cat you’ll need to isolate the cat to just one dot by clicking the rest of the dots within the circle. Then the game will end and restart automatically. Good Luck.

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If you have a fun Cat Game, share it with us in the comments.

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