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Day 2 of the Christmas Cat Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 2 of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar. I don’t think this little guy wants to wait until Christmas and is planning to get the opening of presents started early.

Cat with Christmas Present

Each day of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar will feature a fun Christmas Cat photo and a special Cat Gift suggestion to help your Cat enjoy the Holiday Season with everyone else in the family. Click the link below to see today’s special cat gift idea!


Advent Calendar Gift Idea – Day 2

Click the image or the title below for more info on today’s gift idea.


Cat Playhouse Plane

Cat Playhouse Airplane

Let your Cat fly the friendly skies in their very own plane! Plus they will have hours of fun playing in this Cat Playhouse Plane. I’m sure they will have way more fun in this than a boring pile of wrapping paper and ribbons.

It’s made of cardboard and printed with non-toxic ink. It takes a bit of work to put it together but there are assembly instructions to help. It’s a bit tight for space on the inside so it might be better suited for small cats and kittens.

Come Back Tomorrow on Christmas Day!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Cat gift idea. It’s Christmas Eve! I can’t believe is here already. I hope you got all your shopping done before the stores close. Tomorrow is Christmas Day! Be sure to come back for our last Day of the Cat Advent Calendar if you’re not too busy opening presents!

Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!

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