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Day 24 of the Christmas Cat Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 24 of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar. Why am I always the Reindeer? I wanted to be Santa. How come you always get to be Santa? Stop looking so happy and jolly. Sheesh.

Cats wearing reindeer hats

Each day of our Cat Christmas Advent Calendar will feature a fun Christmas Cat photo and a special Cat Gift suggestion to help your Cat enjoy the Holiday Season with everyone else in the family. Click the link below to see today’s special cat gift idea!


Advent Calendar Gift Idea – Day 24

Click the image or the title below for more info on today’s gift idea.


ViviPet Platform Pet Feeder

ViviPet Platform Pet Feeder

We really like the look of these cat feeder bowls. There are designed for the the health and comfort of your cat by lowering the stress and pressure to your pets joints and stomach.

This floating rostrum styled feeder is heat and dishwasher safe. The two bowls are for dry and can food and not for water as I assumed they were. A nice round ceramic water bowl is available if you need something to provide water for your cat. Of course the water fountain from the Cat Advent Calendar Day 18 would be a great idea for your cats water.

Come Back Tomorrow for Day 23!

We hope you enjoyed today’s Cat gift idea. Remember to come back and see the 23 remaining days until Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Band of Cats!

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