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What is more Cute than Easter Bunnies and Kittens at Easter?

Easter is a time when two of the cutest animals on the face of the earth come together and create a cuteness-explosion! Who are they you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s Kittens and Bunnies!

Brown Kitten and Bunny

We all love kittens as they are super cute and when Easter fun comes around the Bunnies are everywhere. That’s why we put together this fun collection of images featuring Bunnies and Kittens. It’s a cuteness overload, a cuteness sensation, a cuteness…. well you get the idea. I’ve played this up enough already so without any further delay, let’s have some fun with this parade of cuteness!

These Bunnies and Kittens are also available as wall stickers, mugs, fridge magnets, cards, buttons and more if you’d like to bring the cuteness home. Just click the image to get more info.

Have a Happy (and Cute) Easter everyone!


Kitten and Bunny
A pouncer and a Jumper


Cat and Easter Buuny
Hangin’ out in the Basket


Birman kitten and white bunny
Pretty in Pink


Bunnies and Kitten
Cruising at Easter


Kitten and Buuny Art
Fun Kitten and Bunny Art


Cat and Rabbit
Photoshop brought us two cuties together


Bunny and Kitten
Pay no attention to that Bunny under me


Kittens with Bunny ears
Kittens with Bunny ears


Ginger kitten and baby fawn rabbit
That’s impossible. I’m the cutest!


Kitten and Bunny
Crouch down like this, ok? I see a mouse…


Kitten and Bunny
Not sure where the carrots are but I smell catnip!


13 Kitten BUNNY RABBIT Easter Animals
It’s a kitten nuzzle…


Lop and Kitten Rubber Stamp
Lop and Kitten Rubber Stamp


Twin BUNNY RABBIT Kitten Easter Animals
We shop at the same store


Bunnies & Kitties A Cuddly Collection of Fur and Friendship
Bunnies & Kitties – A Cuddly Collection of Fur and Friendship

There is some Easter fun to give you a warm and fuzzy Easter. It’s out way of wishing everyone a fun and safe Easter holiday and that the Easter Bunny (and Kitten) bring lots of tasty treats for everyone especially to the Cats, kittens and Cat Lovers out there.

Happy Easter!

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