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Funny Cat Photos of Summer – Episode 9

Do cats have more fun in the summer than they do in the winter? I think they have fun any time of the year but in the Summer they have fun differently and in a warmer way. In this episode of summer cats we see these felines doing a bunch of fun summer stuff they way only cats can. They’re dozing, lunging, climbing and connecting with other animals.

white kitten with baby chickens

We hope you and your cat are out enjoying the summer and these pictures of summer cats show just how much fun and surprising the summertime can be.


cat leaping in the field
I’m the Flash!


cat hiding from pigeons
A little closer…


cat and porcupine
Who invited him?


cat climbing wooden pole
This is higher than I thought…


kittens in brick wall
We’re free…


cat sitting under water spout
I wonder what this does?


cat and dog
Do be afraid…I’m a nice cat…really…


cat crossing the street
Cat crossing zone.


Cat looking in through window
Is there anyone in there?


Cat sleeping in the sun
All this fresh air really wipes me out.


Cat sitting on a horse
You’re not going anywhere Mr.


Did you enjoy these funny Cats of Summer? Did they put a smile on your face? Let us know what you though in the comments. Stay tuned for more funny Cats of Summer.

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