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Hey, wanna see a 4 eared Cat?

That’s right, a 4 eared cat! It’s no joke or a photoshop trick. This is Yoda, the 4 eared Cat. His vets have never seen anything like it before, and neither have we. He’s a cool looking cat. Maybe he’ll be cast in the Batman film?

Yoda, the Cat with Four ears
Yoda, the Cat with Four ears

He lives in Chicago with his owners Ted and Valerie. They found him in a local bar where they were passing around a kitten in a cage in hopes of finding someone to take him home. When Ted and Valerie walked in, the kitten crawled up on Ted’s shoulder and fell asleep. It seems that Yoda chose his new owners without giving them a choice in the matter.

But all was good as Ted and Valerie fell for the kitten on the spot and the rest is history.

Read the full story here out Yoda, the cat with four ears.

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