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How to Put Your Cat into a Time Warp

Look at Dax our tuxedo cat. He seems to be lost in a time warp where he doesn’t know if he is coming or going. He is in the space between here and there or then and now. Dax has stepped into a world where the time continuum has been severely distorted. Poor Dax.

Dax our tuxedo cat caught in a Time Warp
Dax our tuxedo cat caught in a Time Warp

Of course, Dax isn’t really in a time warp. We were just having some fun with the camera. You can do the same with your cat photos providing you have a slow flash setting on your camera. Most digital SLRs will have them.

We changed our flash setting to ‘slow’ flash and start clicking away. With a normal flash photo the shutter opens and closes in time with the flash and you get a nice picture of your cat. Anything in the background is usually dark since the flash couldn’t reach that far.

Cat Pictures - Dax our Tuxedo Cat

Cat Pictures - Dax our Tuxedo Cat

Setting the flash to ‘slow’ works the same way except the shutter stays open after the flash ‘flashes’ to capture the ambient light in the room. This way the background is properly exposed and appears brighter in the final picture. It’s usually best to have your camera on a tripod when using ‘slow’ flash since the shutter can be left open for a few seconds.

To make our Time Warp pictures we simply followed Dax as he walked about the house. The flash captured a strong image of Dax and while the shutter remained open we ended up with some nice motion trails as we followed Dax with the camera.

Cat Pictures - Dax our Tuxedo Cat

Cat Pictures - Dax our Tuxedo Cat

There is another flash setting called ‘rear’ that does the same type of thing, but the ‘slow’ flash gave us the results we wanted better than the ‘rear’ flash. If your camera doesn’t offer a ‘slow sync flash ‘ mode try looking for any presets dealing with night photography such as night portrait or night landscape mode.

Here are a couple of helpful links to help you learn more about ‘slow sync flash ‘
Using Slow Sync Flash
Slow Sync Flash

Next time your cat is roaming about the house grab your Digital camera, set it on slow flash and put your cat into a time warp. Have some fun and experiment until you get something you like.

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