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Jade doesn’t feel like playing.

Dax and Jade went to the vets the other day. Dax was fine, but Jade had a bladder infection. We weren’t surprised to hear that since she’s been urinating outside of her litter box.

We got some medicine for Jade, so we hope once she’s better she’ll go to the bathroom in her litter box again. If it’s a behavioral thing for Jade then it’ll be a bit more work to get her to use her litter box again.

If anyone has gone through something similar with their cat and has any advice to share we could certainly use some help in this area. We’ve searched around the net and got some tips.

Dax wants to play with Jade and she just isn’t interested as you can see in the photos. Poor Jade. Get better soon.

C\'mon Jade let\'s play.
C’mon Jade let’s play.

No thanks, I\'ll sit this one today.
No thanks, I’ll sit this one today.

Huh? Why doesn\'t Jade wanna play today?
Huh? Why doesn’t Jade wanna play today?

OK, Jade, don\'t worry about it.
OK, Jade, don’t worry about it.

Feel better soon, Jade, OK?
Feel better soon, Jade, OK?

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