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Let your Cat take the pictures!

What if you could hand over the camera to your Cat and let them take the pictures for a change? It would certainly give you a different perspective on things. Well, with the technology we have today, we can!

Check-out the Cat-Cam. A small digital camera your Cat wears around it’s neck like a collar. Now you can get a glimpse into your Cat’s world the way they see it. It goes where ever you cat goes. It’s perfect for outdoor cats, but can work well for indoor cats as well, especially if your Cat moves around a lot.

The official site has lot’s of info and pictures from other Cat-Cam owners. It was designed for Cats but it could work on any pet. You could even put it on other things like your car, a bike, a kite or anywhere a normal camera wouldn’t be able to go.

Here is Fritz’s picture gallery with pictures he took with his Cat-Cam, plus there’s even a Video showing Fritz in action!

Images from the Cat-Cam.
Images from the Cat-Cam.

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