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Pictures of Cats from our Readers – Bel

A new image for our Pictures of Cats. This is Bel, a beautiful black cat with a tragic story that fortunately has a happy ending. Bel’s pictures come from one of our many readers. They also sent along their story about how Bel came to be their cat and has been enjoying himself down in Levelland, Texas.

Bel the Black Cat

I have never had a cat for a pet. There was a female black cat that would show up at our front door steps so I started feeding her and notice she was going to have kittens. After a few months she had them somewhere around the trailer park where we live.

Bel the Black Cat

One day my kids were looking out the window and said ‘look mom, those kids are throwing a kitten up into the air’. I went outside and got after the kids and told them that it was awful to be treating kittens like that. I picked up the kitten. The poor thing was bleeding from its nose. It was a very pretty black kitten with blue eyes.

One morning the mama cat showed up with the rest of her litter and I fed them. I told my boy friend how cute the little black kitten was and if I could keep it cause those two little boys like to hurt the little kittens.

Bel the Black Cat

Bel the Black Cat

After some coaxing he finely said I could keep the kitten. We got it a litter box and some food and a
bed. We thought it was a female so we decided to have it fixed. It turned out to be a male I started crying cause I had named my black kitten Bel, like bella in the Twilight movie.

He still has the name Bel. He is a funny cat. He does not like to be held or play much. He also has an attitude. Every night he likes to paw my pillow. He will be one year old October 31, 2010. I love my cat very much.


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