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Pictures of Cats from our Readers – Fila, Sylvester and Tiger

Tabby Cat Sylvester

Say ‘Hello’ to Sylvester, Tiger and Fila. Three unique, special cats from the Western Cape. Fila is a beautiful tuxedo cat and Sylvester and Tiger are both tabbys. Hmmm, three cats in one house, sounds familiar. Here’s what their owner had to tell us about this furry bunch.

“Sylvester lives in the Western Cape and he’s 2 and a half years old! He is as mad as a hat!

Fila. Is 10 years old and loves melon. She eats a slice by herself!”

Tuxedo Cat Fila
This is Fila, a very cool long haired Tuxedo Cat

Tabby Cats Sylvester and Tiger
Here is Sylvester and Tiger hanging out with some pretty funky cats

Thanks a lot for sending these great cat pictures to us. We hope to hear more about Fila, Sylvester and Tiger soon!

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