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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Bandit and Hemi

Here are some fascinating images for our pictures of Cats. Bandit is a black and white 8 month old kitten and Hemi is solid black and 7 months old. They were both adopted from the the local animal shelter.

Our cat Bandit
Our cat Bandit

Bandit is incredibly outgoing and always finding new ways to get into mischief. He is also the most attention crazed cat we’ve ever had. He will follow us all over the house to see what we are doing to see if he can help.

We also have 5 kittens that we took in after someone was unable to take care of them and Bandit and Hemi became their big brothers. It’s so adorable! Hemi is very spoiled but also pretty skidish.

When we went to the shelter to adopt these two, they stood out immediately. Bandit grabbed our shirts as soon as we walked by and wouldn’t let go and Hemi screamed and screamed. We only adopted Bandit that day. But all night we just laid there and we kept seeing Hemi’s face and hearing him scream and we knew we had to go back and get him.

Our cat Hemi

Our cat Hemi
Our cat Hemi

We were glad we did too. He is a wonderful little boy. They both are. Also, Hemi is madly in love with our cat, Hanna. He follows her around everywhere hoping she’ll like him back. It’s true kitty love!


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