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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Bodie and Rascal

More fun images to add to our pictures of Cats. Bodie & Rascal are the newest kittens in our family. In fact, these kittens just arrived here today (July 28, 2008). A friend of ours found them in a ditch near her house and she wasn’t going to be able to take care of them.

Our new little kitten, Rascal
Our new little kitten, Rascal

As best we can guess, they are around three weeks old. We named the little orange boy Rascal and the little brown, black and white boy Bodie. They are fussy little kittens! They love to cuddle with our other kittens Felix and Fiona (two other orphans that were born at our home) and they love getting kisses from myself and my mom.

Our new little kitten, Bodie
Our new little kitten, Bodie

We love taking in orphan kittens because it really gives us the chance to bond with them and the feeling of raising them and seeing them learn, play and develop. It’s just amazing! I can’t wait to grow up with these guys!!


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