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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Charlie

Here are some sweet images for our pictures of Cats. This is our lovely white Cat, Charlie. My mother picked Charlie out of an entire pet store full of kittens.

Our Cat Charlie in the sink
Our Cat Charlie in the sink

The other kittens looked healthier than my Mom’s kitten. Mom’s decision was based purely on “I want a white kitten” which drove me crazy, because I picked based on research, health and vitality.

After five years I think Mom was onto something. Max the tiger tabby, is now almost nineteen pounds. Our vet says Max is obese! Charlie’s weight is perfect at seven or eight pounds with no fat and all muscle.

Charlie loves to roll in the sink
Charlie loves to roll in the sink

Charlie is just beginning to play with Jojo, our new stray kitten. Charlie is a little “high-strung” and does not like newcomers. When we brought Jojo in, there was lots of hissing and carpet clawing and posturing at him.

Our Cat Charlie lying in the sink
Our Cat Charlie lying in the sink

Now Charlie feels confident enough to chase his around a little, but Jojo will turn on him quickly. At that point Jojo will flop over onto his side with his legs toward Charlie.

Charlie knows Jojo looks small, non-threatening and can’t hurt him. As Charlie turns to walk away, Jojo will attack from behind again. Charlie play fights just a little wee bit and then runs away.

Charlie goes up onto his little cat bed, way up on a dresser where no other cat is allowed. If another cat in the house ever dared go up there he would have something to say about it.

Charlie has gone from a helpless little kitten to a big strong cat. He’s our wonder cat!


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