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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Ebony

Another splendid image for our pictures of Cats. Steven has sent in a fun picture of his cat, Ebony, doing his stretches. Here is what he had to tell us about Ebony.

Pictures of Cats from our Readers - Ebony

“Ebony is a one year old cat that I recently adopted along with his sister Ivory. I have a black and a white short hair. They have both brought me much joy in my life. People at work have commented how calmer I am now. Ebony was a charter at the Humane society where I adopted him. When I went into the teenage room, he was the only one that came up to me. I knew then I had to adopt him. A friend mentioned that I might consider adopting two cats as they would keep each other company when I was not at home.”

Thanks for the great picture Steven.


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