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Pictures of Cats from our Readers – Lacey and Shaba

A new addition to our Pictures of Cats. Here are two wonderful cats sent in by Anton. First we have Lacey a lovely white cat who knows how to pose for a picture. Here is what Anton had to tell us about Lacey. “This is Lacey. She loves posing for the camera. This is her cat “head shot”. Short and to the point.

Lacey a white calico cat

Next we have Shaba a beautiful, furry Black and White Cat also sent in by Anton. Shaba is an easy going cat who is also very affectionate. Here is what Anton had to tell us about Shaba. “This is Shaba. He’s a laid back lap warmer that loves attention.” Again, very brief, but we’ll take what we can get.

Shaba a long haired balck and white cat

Thanks Anton for sending in your pictures of Lacey and Shaba to share with everyone. Keep in touch and let us know how Lacey and Shaba are doing. We look forward to hearing more about Lacey and Shaba and seeing more pictures when you’re able to send in more.


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