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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Mama Cat

A new image for our pictures of Cats. Mama Cat is Amy’s mother. I still thank God everyday for letting me find them because they have been a blessing. Mama Cat is just the sweetest and the most polite cat ever.

Our cuddly cat, Mama Cat.
Our cuddly cat, Mama Cat.

She loves to cuddle and “talk” to us, she loves to love on Amy, she loves to roll around and make us laugh. She does not, however, get along with Bailey and Miss Kitty. They may be jealous of her because they pick on her a lot but Mama Cat always keeps her cool and doesn’t let it bother her.

As best we can figure, she is around five years old. That makes her the second oldest cat in the house and she knows it. She always walks around the kittens like “yeah, I’m older than you. How do you like that?” It’s very funny! We really enjoy having Mama Cat around because no matter what mood we’re in, she can always make us smile.


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