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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Max and Caramel

Here are some fantastic pictures from our reader Joy. Unfortunately her cat Max passed away some time ago, but his memory lives on. Here is what Joy had to tell us about her cats.

Mad Max
Mad Max

“The mad cat is Maxamillion. We adopted him when he was about two years old. He passed away three years ago due to kidney failure at the age of 16.  He had a black belt attitude even without his claws and he said what time we woke up and what time we went to bed at night.  He ran the house.

Max was a good mouser and also loved to catch birds. I was not thrilled about birds, especially the cardinal. The starling, who for many summers after Max got his mate, would make all kinds of noise whenever Max was outside. This was to warn all the birds I suppose and point out the approaching danger.  Max was the most stubborn cat our vets had ever seen. No matter what they did he would not turnaround and just faced the back of his carrier.  When ever I came home and heard my voice he would come out to greet me, even when he was laying in his favorite spot in the neighbours garden.


Caramels Kittens
Caramels Kittens

Caramel is my son Shanes cat and is a polydactal. She has thumbs.  She is very gentle, loves cardboard boxes and only eats wet food.

The other picture is of two of Caramels kittens who are also polydactal.”

Thanks for sharing your wonderful cats with us Joy.

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