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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Peaches

A fun cat image for our pictures of Cats. Meet Peaches. Peaches is the two year old mama of the five kittens. She is such a sweetheart! We have nineteen cats and there is only a select few that are really compassionate and loving. Peaches makes that list!

Our Cat Peaches
Our Cat Peaches

She has got to have attention. She will run across my laptop just to get us to pet her. She’ll climb on us when she wants some loving or she’ll just meow until we are driven crazy and give in.

Our Cat Peaches
Our Cat Peaches

You know, whenever we bring in a new kitty family member, we’re always keeping our fingers crossed that they get along and that they like each other or will at least tolerate each other. Peaches does. She understand that she shares this house with eighteen other cats and she accepts it. She knows that our attention is divided and she is okay about that. Peaches and Mama Cat are the main two cats that amaze us with how wonderful they both are.


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