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Pictures of Cats from Our Readers – Thomas

My goodness, what can I say about Thomas? Actually, what can I NOT say about Thomas? He is a three month old little terror. He isn’t the youngest, but he is the fourth youngest kitten in the house and he acts like he’s the king of the jungle.

The king of the jungle, Thomas.
The king of the jungle, Thomas.

He will pris, yes, pris through the house with his tail held high and a smile on his face from ear to ear while letting everyone he comes in contact with who’s boss including us. When one of the other kittens try to take his toy, he will slap their paw. When someone gets out of line with someone else, he immediately takes a side and then gives the command for “attack.”

Thomas the Cat.
Thomas the Cat.

But most of all, he is a junk food fanatic along with Toby. Thomas will leap up onto the table and will try to be a kitten vacuum. It’s so hilarious while at the same time very annoying.

He loves to cuddle up next to us when we sleep. He loves to chase our feet under the covers and he loves to play. I have never before seen a kitten so fascinated by a balled up piece of paper or a piece of yarn. He’s only been in our lives for 1 month and we’re hooked. I can’t wait to spend another fifteen or more years with Thomas!

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