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Pictures of Cats from our Readers – Jojo

New fun images for our pictures of Cats. Look how fast Jojo has grown! Jojo is almost five months now and growing like a weed. Little Jojo gets to eat kitten food. I put his dish up on top of the fridge, and there is no way Max can get up there. I haven’t caught him up there yet, anyway.

Max and Jojo playing

Here are some new pictures of little Jojo. He has grown quite a bit since our last post. Jojo and Charlie are starting to play together a lot more these days. Jojo chases Charlie as they both race around the house. Charlie is a girl and Jojo is a tom-cat.

Max and Jojo Playing

Max has been on diet cat food since his last vet appointment. It was time to start working on improving his health. He is only 5 now, but he weighs around 18 lbs.

The vet said to put the regular cat food out of reach. I tried a few different places in the house, but he always manages to get to the food. I eventually put the regular cat food inside the china cabinet and left the door open a little.

They have to walk around a thin ledge to get to the door. I didn’t think Max could fit on that ledge without falling off, but he can! I think the small ledge and slightly open door just made it more of a challenge for Max to get the food. He is a determined cat.

Now there’s a string on the door handle. If he want to get in he’ll have to loose some weight since only skinny cats can fit through there. Max sits on the floor beside the china cabinet, looking up at the food, then looking at me, as if to say, “why can’t I have some of that?”

Max and Jojo Playing
Max and Jojo Playing

Charlie and Jojo Playing
Charlie and Jojo Playing

Charlie and Jojo Playing
Charlie and Jojo having fun together


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