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Send us your Cat pictures and see your Cats on our site!

Would you like to have you cat pictures appear on the Band of Cats? Just send us a clear, sharp, color photo of your cat or kitten along with a short description. Please make sure your cat pictures are 480 pixels wide by 320 pixels high or larger.

Send as many cat pictures as you like and write as much as you want. We’ll add the pictures of your cats or kittens here on the Band of Cats as soon as possible for all to see!

Please send your cat pictures as JPG files to mycat@bandofcats.com. Please include a description or story of your cat in the message area of the email. If you are a multi-cat family, please organize your picture captions properly so we can match the right cat picture with its caption.

Here’s a quick check-list to use before sending in your cat pictures.

  • Make sure each picture is 480×320 pixels or larger
  • Send us clear, sharp images in JPG format
  • Include a description of your Cat(s) or Kitten(s) telling us a bit about them, where they live, their names, age, likes, habits, etc. Your description can be as short or as long as you like.
  • Include any links to your cat’s website, if you have one
  • If you’re sending pictures of more than one cat, please organize your captions, names, etc. with each image. A good idea would be to rename your images using your cats name.

See your cat pictures on the Band of Cats!
See your cat pictures on the BandofCats.com website!

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