The Barn Cat Returns, with Rabbits.

Last weekend was our annual sleigh ride to see Santa. Surprisingly we ran into the same barn cat we met last year around the same time. Nice to see she was doing well. We still didn’t find out her name as it was too busy with all the visitors. Maybe we will next...
Jasmine on a Roll, Again.

Jasmine on a Roll, Again.

Here is Jasmine on a roll again. When she’s feeling playful she drops and rolls. She especially likes it when there is someone to play with when she’s rolling. Enjoy the pictures. You can see Jasmine’s other rolling escapes here. Stay tuned for...
Jade Doesn’t Feel Like Playing.

Jade Doesn’t Feel Like Playing.

Dax and Jade went to the vets the other day. Dax was fine, but Jade had a bladder infection. We weren’t surprised to hear that since she’s been urinating outside of her litter box. We got some medicine for Jade, so we hope once she’s better...

The Perfect Cat Toy

I would say this is a little on the expensive side for a cat toy, but it’s hilarious to watch. If you don’t mind claw marks on your screen maybe you can share your laptop with your cat or kitten while you’re not using it? If you liked this article,...

Jasmine loves Boots

Jasmine followed her nose into a nice pair of winter boots the other day. She loves all kinds of footwear, especially our winter boots. She strode into the kitchen gave me a quick glance and dove into the boots. It was funny watching how much she enjoyed playing...

Jasmine Rolls Again

Jasmine has rolled before. Now she’s doing it again. It’s what she does all the time and she loves doing it. It probably won’t be her last time either. Here is Jasmine rolling again. Her drop and roll has become her trademark move. It’s the cutest darn thing...
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