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From Kitten to Cat: Look how fast Jojo has grown!

Jojo is almost five months now and growing like a weed. Little Jojo gets to eat kitten food. I put his dish up on top of the fridge, and there is no way Max can get up there. I haven’t caught him up there yet, anyway.

Max and Jojo playing

Here are some new pictures of little Jojo. He has grown quite a bit since our last post. Jojo and Charlie are starting to play together a lot more these days. Jojo chases Charlie as they both race around the house. Charlie is a girl and Jojo is a tom-cat.
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Jasmine Rolls Again

Jasmine has rolled before. Now she’s doing it again. It’s what she does all the time and she loves doing it. It probably won’t be her last time either.

Here is Jasmine rolling again. Her drop and roll has become her trademark move. It’s the cutest darn thing too! You can’t help but love it.

This time she decided to get her tail in on the act. “Silly tail, getting in the way of my rolling!” “I’ll teach you”, says Jasmine.

Its great watching Jasmine roll around and seeing all the different antics she gets into. She’s in a very playful, happy mood when she’s rolling.

Check-out our latest pictures of Jasmine doing what she does best. Enjoy!

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine rolls again
I love to roll!
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Jasmine Rolls – Part 3: More of a Sun soaked afternoon with boots

Here is our final installment of Jasmine in the Sun with Boots.

Just when you thought she was finished rolling Jasmine is at it again. It seems as if she is never going to stop. But like everything else all good things must come to a end.

Take a look and enjoy.

Pictures of Cats - jasmine sun boots
I feel another roll coming on…
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Jade has a Ball!

One night Jade came into the room and plopped herself down right beside one of the kids toys. It was a little blue ball. She swatted at it and it rolled over to me. “So we’re playing in the playroom now, are we?” I asked.
I rolled the ball back to her. She pawed it for a little while and swatted it back to me again.

“I’ll take that as a Yes” I said.

Apparently Jade wasn’t happy playing with her toys and wanted to try out some new ones.

Also, I figured Jade was lacking some much needed attention, so I stayed there and we played ball for a while in her newly acquired playroom. Soon she had enough of the ball and tried out a few other toys before abruptly leaving.

Something tells me she’ll be back again since all her toys are lost somewhere under the fridge or stove.

Anyway, here’s Jade having ‘a ball’!

Pictures of Cats - Jade has a ball - 01
Jade has found a new toy!
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Jasmine Rolls – Part 2: More of a Sun soaked afternoon with boots

Jasmine’s rolling in the Sun series of pictures continues here in Part 2. This is a continuation of images from ‘Jasmine Rolls – Part 1‘. Here Jasmine hams it up even more for the camera with carpet rubs, stretches and more of her unique cuteness. Of course our little princess cat loved all the attention.

There’s also a little surprise after the pictures, or should I say my attempt at poetry that was largely influenced by the fine writings of Dr. Suess (from countless bedtime readings) and inspired by Poetikat’s wonderful poems.

So now, please join us once again as the roll-fest continues…

Pictures of Cats - jasmine sun boots
Time for more rolling…
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Jasmine Rolls – Part 1: A Sun soaked afternoon with boots

This is a fun sequence of photos I took of Jasmine as she spent the afternoon sleeping on the kitchen rug. It’s probably the longest series of images I’ve ever taken of the cats so I’ve had to do this post in a few parts.

Jasmine has a thing for boots and shoes. She loves them. Needless to say she plopped herself down on the kitchen rug right between my grubby shoes and my son’s winter boots.

Jasmine looked extremely comfortable and snuggled right in. In addition to the shoes the sun was streaming in through the back door creating the quintessential spot for Jasmine to lounge the afternoon away.

I only planned to take a few images, but Jasmine really hammed it up for the camera so much I kept shooting while she kept offering little meows and rolling around on the rug stretching and being all cute ‘n stuff.

Enjoy the pictures. Jasmine certainly enjoyed having them taken.

Pictures of Cats - Jasmine Sun Boots
Jasmine hanging out with the boots.
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Dax: A Real Player

Dax loves to play. He can not resist the opportunity to chase, stalk, pounce or swipe at anything that is waved in front of him. It’s in his blood. He is simply one of the most playful cats I have ever seen.

It’s like Paris Hilton and mindless hype, Led Zepplin and Reunion Concerts, Nintendo Wii and popularity, Dax and playing; you don’t get one without the other.

One evening I had my measuring tape out to size up a few things and as I rolled the tape back into the case it slid along the floor. Well Dax was all over it in seconds. Suddenly it was playtime!

That was fine with me. A measuring tape is as good as any other toy, so here is Dax getting his play ‘fix’ with the measuring tape.

A Cat at play - Dax the power player
Mental preparation is the main differentiator of a master player.
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