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The Funny Cats of Summer – Episode 2

The summer is here again and funny cats are everywhere. They’re inside and, of course, outside. It’s a part of summer and all us Cat lovers love to see them having fun and being crazy. This is really the second episode of our ongoing ‘Funny Cat Picture show’ but we wanted to get summer in the title somewhere.

Anyway, here is our latest batch of funny cats showing you how they like to enjoy the warm weather. They’ll put a smile on your face and even give you a good laugh when you need it most.

Band of funny cats

sleeping white kitten

cat in a mailbox

grey kitten pulling on shoe lace

Licking White Cat

Cat following birds

Cat and Goat

3 funny cats

Outdoor cat looking at fly

singing cat

sleeping cat

funny cat

White cat with funny wig

grey cat with red hair

Cat on a towel rack

Standing funny cat

cat petting hamster

Street cats

summer cat hangin on bench

street kittens walking in sunset

Those are some cute, adorable, funny cats. We hope you had as much fun seeing these funny cats and kittens as much as we did. Now you can get out and enjoy the sunny weather with a smile on your face. Stay tuned, there’s more coming before the Summer is over.

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