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The LitterHouse Product Review

Here is our full review of the new LitterHouse, a cat litter box for your house cat. The litter house represents a paradigm shift in cat litter boxes in our humble opinion. Every once in a while something new comes along that changes the way things work and ultimately improves your cats’ life.

Cat litter box for House Cats The LitterHouse

We recently got a new LitterHouse for our cats to help us deal with some ongoing litterbox problems and thought we would share our experience with this new type of litter box with you. We’ll begin with an overview of the litterhouse itself and follow with our initial impressions. After that we will tell you how our Cats did with their new litterhouse.

Finally we’ll provide you with some history and key features of the litterhouse. We’ll also see just how well the litterhouse lives up to its claims and if it’s something to consider for your cats.

Introducing the Litter House

The Cat Litterhouse is an enclosed cat litter box made entirely of sturdy plastic. There are three main parts, the house which acts as the lid, an easy to clean side tray and the main litter tray.

It comes unassembled and neatly packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, complete with a handle for easy carrying. Assembling the cat litterhouse is quick and easy. All the pieces effortlessly snap together without the need for tools. Most of the work is in assembling the cover, or the house of the litterhouse. The blue litter tray and side tray easily slide together in seconds. Just line-up the rails on the large tray with the side tray and you’re done.

To see how the Litterhouse is assembled from start to finish check out ‘Building a house for your Cat – assembling the Litterhouse’

The two main parts of the litterhouse. The cover slides on and off for quick cleaning
The two main parts of the litterhouse. The cover slides on and off for quick cleaning

The Litterhouse
The Litterhouse

The litterhouse also comes with three sets of fun stickers you can place on the windows. They’re easy to put on. You can use a single set for all the window or do what we did and mix things up an use a few stickers from each set.

The window stickers on the Litterhouse
The window stickers on the Litterhouse

Once the top is assembled it easily slides over the litter trays. The house is pretty light which makes it easy to get on and off for cleaning. There are easy grip handles on each side of the house that are ingeniously disguised as windows. A well thought-out feature that makes removing the lid incredibly simple.

Initial Impressions

Our litterhouse was set-up and ready to go in about 20 minutes. One of the fun parts was putting the stickers on the windows. We were surprised with the appearance of the litterhouse. It didn’t look at all like a litterbox. Our son’s response when he first saw the litterhouse was “What a cool little house!” When I told him it was for the cats, he was even more surprised. “That is sooo cool!”, he told me.

The litterhouse fully assembled and ready for the cats
The litterhouse fully assembled and ready for the cats

Walk-a-round views - the left side of the Litterhouse
Walk-a-round views – the left side of the Litterhouse

Walk-a-round views - The back left of the Litterhouse
Walk-a-round views – The back left of the Litterhouse

Walk-a-round views - The back right of the Litterhouse
Walk-a-round views – The back right of the Litterhouse

Walk-a-round views - The right side of the Litterhouse
Walk-a-round views – The right side of the Litterhouse

Walk-a-round views - The front right of the Litterhouse
Walk-a-round views – The front right of the Litterhouse

The litterhouse is 18cm high, 17cm wide and 16cm deep. At that size it provides a good amount of room for the cats to move around while inside without the litterhouse taking up a lot of floor space. There’s a front entrance with a ribbed walkway where the cats to enter and exit and it does a great job of removing most of the litter from your cats paws.

Moving the cat litterhouse is a two step process. While we were looking for a spot to place the litterhouse we simply moved the lid around until we settled on a spot. We then brought over the trays and put the house back on top and we were done.

We recommend putting a protective plastic mat under your litterhouse. Our cats sometimes can get quite messy when they use the litterhouse and don’t toilet directly in the litter. At times urine has leaked out around the edges of the side tray. Most cats should be fine but if your cat has similar habits a protective mat is a good idea just be on the safe side.

The litter tray is 6 inches high and holds a good amount of litter. We put around two to three inches of litter in the tray for our cats. The size of the tray is perfect for kittens and cats of any size. When the house is placed on top the edge of the litter pan is covered with a lip that keeps any litter from getting in between the house and the tray and leaking out the sides.

The litter tray and side tray
The litter tray and side tray

The ribbed walkway on the side tray does a good job with caturing litter from the cats paws.
The ribbed walkway on the side tray does a good job with caturing litter from the cats paws.

A detail picture showing the fittings for the trays. The larger tray simply lifts up and fit onto the smaller side tray.
A detail picture showing the fittings for the trays. The larger tray simply lifts up and fit onto the smaller side tray.

Both trays easily slide together
Both trays easily slide together

After we had the litterhouse assembled and set in place there wasn’t much else to do except see what the Cats thought of the Litterhouse and how they liked using it.

Cats in the house

The real test for the litterhouse was seeing how the cats did with it. Would they use it? How long would they take to get used to it? Would it be too big of a change for them?

Looking inside the front entrance of the Litterhouse
Looking inside the front entrance of the Litterhouse

We put out litterhouse downstairs in our newly renovated basement. Our hope was to replace our open litter trays with the litterhouse to provide a nicer appearance in the basement.

From the moment we had the litterhouse set-up the cats became very curious, just as they do when anything new comes into the house. They did a lot of sniffing and walking around. Jade was the first one to go into the litterhouse. This was even before we were able to add any litter to the litterhouse. So that was the next thing we did.

Here\'s Jade checking out her new home
Here’s Jade checking out her new home

We kept a couple of litter trays around to provide a gradual change for the cats. We took the litter from one of the open litter trays and filled the litterhouse tray with it instead of starting with fresh litter. This helped the cats to get used to the litterhouse more quickly.

We recommend that you do the same with your litterhouse to help your cat to make a smoother transition. If you have a new cat then fresh litter is fine.

Over the next couple of days all the cats were using the litterhouse with great success. We were very surprised to see how fast they adapted. The most surprising part was that Jade was using the litterhouse by the third day. Jade was our problem cat. She would go outside of the litter trays almost daily. It was great to see her using the litter again.

After the first weeks the litterhouse was in full use by Jade and a couple of the other cats. We were down to using 2 litter trays from 4 litter trays. With four cats, we didn’t expect all of them to use one litterhouse.

Around three to four weeks later we added two more litterhouses. They were added one at a time. We set-up the first litterhouse and left one litter tray. A few days later we added the third litterhouse and took away the last tray.

We now have a little community of litterhouses that look much better in the basement than the trays did. No one has guessed that they are for the cats. It’s interesting to see their reaction when we tell them what they really are.

Our Litterhouse Community
Our Litterhouse Community

Amazingly the Cats moved from the trays to the litterhouse without any problem. They really liked the change and enjoyed having an enclosed, private place to toilet in. It was a good idea to change to using the litterhouse for our cats. Seeing how well the cats made out with them we think we made a good choice.

Cleaning the litterhouse

We clean the litterhouses each day. The litterhouse also does a great job with litter smell with a filter cleverly placed on the chimney of the litterhouse. The litter spray has been reduced to a few bits here and there outside the front entrance. A quick sweep or vacuum takes care of it.

The Chimney of the litterhouse before attaching the filter
The Chimney of the litterhouse before attaching the filter

The chimney filter easily slides into place
The chimney filter easily slides into place

Cleaning litter boxes is not a fun job. There’s the smell, the dust from the litter, and the mess. Daily cleaning is the best I can do. With four cats I sometimes need to clean them a couple of times a day. Even if it’s just sweeping up the litter sprayed around the floor.

Cleaning the litterhouse changed all that. I still don’t like doing it, but with the litterhouse it has become less of a chore. The litter spray is virtually eliminated. For someone who hates cleaning litter boxes as much as I do, this is a tremendous relief. I truly love this litterhouse for this reason alone.

The key is to clean them at least once a day. This should go for any litter box really. Daily cleaning keeps things under control. Leaving your cats litter uncleaned for too long can be disastrous. The same goes for the litterhouse. Cats are very clean and fussy animals. Dirty litter boxes can cause them to toilet elsewhere. For more helpful tips on litter box maintenance see – 10 ways to take command of your cat litter box problems

The other aspect of the litterhouse I like is that there is no place to hang a scoop, place a litter bag or store the clean litter bag. These items need to be kept out of site in a closet. Having these things around and in sight can ruin the neat, clean illusion the litterhouse creates. Everything is kept out of site. See a full list of the ultimate litter box cleaning kit – coming soon.

Now we have a simple system when we clean the litterhouse and it typically goes like this; I get a waste can with a fresh bag, a scoop and broom. I remove the top of the litterhouse, dump any litter on the side tray into the main tray, scoop out the litter, sweep up a little and place the lid back on. I add fresh litter if needed before I put the lid back.

With three litterhouses to clean, it takes about 5 minutes to clean each one. That is less than half the time it used to take me to clean the four open trays we had. The litterhouse takes less time to clean because there’s less to do.

Every few days I’ll spray some vinegar on a paper towel and wipe down the side tray and litter tray. I’ll also spray the inside of the litterhouse with vinegar and wipe it down with a paper towel. Vinegar is great for cleaning urine that might get sprayed on the walls and trays. It also makes any smells undetectable to the cats.

We also have a plastic mat under the litterhouses. Ours isn’t very attractive so we plan to buy a nicer one when we find something suitable. It’s there as a precaution. Most of the time things are fine. But the odd time messes happen so we’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus a nice matt will help to enhance the appearance of our litterhouses.

We hope to find a green plastic mat in one big size to give the appearance of a lawn around the houses. If not then we’ll be happy with a clear mat.

Origin of the Litter House

The litterhouse took over 10 years to design and develop. From the original idea it slowly evolved through a series of conceptual tests and revisions to arrive at an attractive litter box solution that can offer relief and peace of mind to cats and cat owners all over the world.

The Cat Litter House has been on the market for only a short while and has received a tremendous response from cat owners everywhere. Our cats made an easy transition from their messy trays to the litterhouse. We’ve been really happy with our choice.

Features of the Litterhouse

  • An attractive design that looks great anywhere in the house
  • A lightweight lift off top for easy cleaning
  • Integrated handles on the house for easy handling
  • An easy slide-off side tray for quick cleaning
  • Light-weight litter box, compared to heavy cat furniture
  • An enclosed design to keep litter in the litterhouse
  • Hides the cat litter – know one will know it’s your cats litter box
  • Separate entrance for you cat that collects litter from your cats’ paws
  • Keeps smells in the house with a filter in the chimney
  • Entire house can be easily washed
  • Snap together assembly – no tools needed
  • Medium sized footprint allowing the litter box to work in many different areas of your house.
  • Comparing the litter house to other litter boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Hidden litter box
  • Attractive appearance
  • Covered litter box
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Light Weight
  • Manages Litter Spray
  • Manages Litter Smell
  • Cat Friendly
  • Security

The Cat Litterhouse in our living room.
The Cat Litterhouse in our living room.


Our experience with our first LitterHouse was good all around. Things went so well with the first house we decided to get two more. The three houses are working out great and the Cats are quite happy with them. We would highly recommend a Litterhouse to any cat owner whether they have just got a new cat or, like us, have had cats for a long time.

Ordering can be done online and they can ship your Cat’s LitterHouse to anywhere in the world. Shipping is fast. We got our litterhouses within a few days. They also offer same day shipping. Plus there’s a 100% guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

Do you have a litterhouse? Are you planning to buy one? Leave us you experiences or questions in the comments. We’ll help you out as much as possible. For more details and information on the Litterhouse you can visit the Litterhouse website at www.LitterHouse.com.

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