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Today’s Cat Pictures – Dax Cat – Aug 16

Dax is hanging out in the kitchen looking for trouble. There doesn’t seem to be much trouble to get into right now. Maybe he’ll make some of his own trouble since he’s so good at it. What is that coming this way? Nothing this way either. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Cat Pictures - Our tuxedo cat Dax

Cat Pictures - Our tuxedo cat Dax

‘Today’s Cat Pictures’ feature pictures of our cats on a semi-daily basis that focuses on cute, lazy or funny activities from one or more of our cats. We may not have cat pictures from every day, but we’ll do our best.

This feature is a spin-off from our Pictures of Cats 2008 Project.

We hope you enjoyed these cat pictures of our three house cats. We hope to have more cat pictures for you tomorrow. Be sure to visit us soon. Use the bookmark button below to help you quickly find us again.

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