Is there a Cat Lover on your Christmas Shopping list? Would you like to get them something unique? Here are some very unique Christmas gifts for Cat Lovers that you may not have thought of. We didn’t know about these gifts until recently and were surprised to see so many cool and cute gift ideas for Cat Lovers.

So, if you’re stuck trying to think of what to get and would like to save some time hunting around then try some of these unique gift ideas for Cat Lovers. Even if these aren’t what you’re looking we hope they help generate a few ideas of your own.

It’s nice to see the selection of quality, reasonably priced gifts for Cat Lovers changing and growing. Cats are our favorite theme and it’s great fun seeing Cats on everything from weather vanes (which may not be all that new) to cell phone charms.

Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

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Winged Cat Angel Statue


This would look great in your house or outdoors in the Garden. An adorable sleeping Cat Angel that is skillfully designed from paw to wing-tip. At 6 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this cold cast resin statue would look great atop your bookshelf, on your nightstand or hall table. A great Christmas gift any Cat Lover would love to receive.

Cell Phone Charm Pink Cat


We just heard about these great little cell phone charms. Everyone has a Cell phone these days and these charms would look great on any Cat Lovers Cell phone. They even work on any MP3 Player that has a charm loop. Made of cubic stone they come with a universal mobile phone strap so they’ll work with a good range of phones.

3 Cats Weather Vane


Three Cats on a roof. Leave these Cats out all year round to enjoy the great outdoors. Made of V-Tech Resin, this weather vane is good and sturdy. It’s a beautiful design of a mother Cat with her two playful kittens and a gift that any Cat Lover enjoy all year.

Crazy Cat Lady Travel Mug


Take your Cats with you wherever you go. The Crazy Cat Lady Travel Mug is a stylish, quality mug from Spoontiques that would make a perfect Christmas Gift for any Cat Lover. This ceramic mug is perfect for the Home or Office. It’s dishwasher or microwave safe and also has an adjustable lid to prevent spilling.



Jim Shore has created some fantastic cat sculptures and this Cat Votive Candle Holder is truly exceptional. Exquisitely designed and crafted this Candle Holder would look great in any room of the house. Many Cat Lovers already own a few of Jim Shore’s pieces and this Candle holder would make a great addition to any Cat Lover’s collection or as a starter piece.

Chia Cat Grass Planter


Growing your own Cat Grass is all the rage. Cats love and it’s really easy to do. Just sprinkle the seeds and growing mix and wait a few days for your grass to grow. Cat grass is a healthy snack for you cat providing essential vitamins, getting rid of yucky hairballs and aids in your cat digestion. It will help to keep the Cat away from the house plants and is organic and pesticide free.

FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat


This is a great idea for getting young Cat Lover ready for their first pet by teaching them about pets and how to care for them. With soft white fur, cat-like motions an sounds Lulu is incredibly realistic. Lulu is an electric toy, so no cat baths please. Although Lulu Kitty Cat was designed for kids she would appeal to all age groups including adults.



We like playing Monopoly. It’s a great game. An not with Cat-opoly it even more amazing. Any Cat lover would have a great time with this game. You can collect litter boxes and trade them in for fish bones, but be careful not to fall in the water. You can play the traditional way or the one hour version, either way this one looks like a purr-fectly fun game.

Moments of Purr-fection Wooden Cuckoo Clock With Kittens


This is a beautiful cuckoo clock that showcases the artistic designs of Jurgen Scholz and brings his wonderful cat art to life. This clock has some great details on it with a maple-finished wood cabinet. This is a very unique and collectible cat-lover gift. Click the link for more pictures and to get more info.

Kitten Throw Blanket

Kitten Throw Blanket

This is the biggest Kitten we have ever seen. It’s a huge Kitten throw that is soft and ideal for keeping nice and toasty on those cold nights. A purr-fect gift for any Cat Lover, this big little cat would look great as a blanket for your bed or a cover for a couch or chair.

Happy Gift Shopping!

That’s our list of Unique Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers. We hope it gave you some good ideas. If you have some of your own Unique Gift Ideas let us know about them in the comments below.

Need more ideas? Here is a good place to start for even more unique cat gifts for cat lovers. Keep searching and you’ll find the ideal unique gift to give to the Cat Lover on your list.

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