Cats are typically low maintenance house pets but sometimes things like cat litter boxes and cat trees can take up space in your home or apartment cutting down on your usable space. Here are some creative ideas to consider if your space is limited or if you simply would like to organize things a bit better and put stuff such as cat trees and litter boxes out of site and out of the way.

Cat Shelf an alternative to a Cat Tree for your Cat

These ideas came from the fine people over at IKEA Hackers. We think their ideas are always fun and creative and these cat litter box ideas can work really well to help to hide your litter box or cat tree away as well as organize and free up some much needed space.

If these ideas aren’t exactly what you are looking for they can certainly get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with some ideas of your own.

Big Roomy Cat Litter Box

Big Cat Litter box for a Multi-Cat box

Here is a great cat litter box idea for people with multiple cats. This idea helped the owner free up a spare bedroom and put the litter boxes out of the way in another part of the house.


Put a Cat Litter Box at the Entryway?

Entryway Cat litter box

Here is a great solution to hide the cat litter box right in plain view; at the front door. It also double as a bench for putting on shoes etc and the cat’s enjoy the privacy it provides.


Quick and Easy Cat Litter Box

Simple, easy Cat litter box

This idea for a cat litter box helped to find space where there wasn’t any. It was a simple idea that worked well for the owner’s cat and put the litter box in an out of the way spot.


Cat Tree Climbing Shelf

Cat Shelf an alternative to a Cat Tree for your Cat

This is a fun, creative way to provide a climbing cat tree that is somewhat hidden and out of the way. A few modifications were done to make it usable and safe for cats and the result was a neat cat climbing tree built from a simple shelving unit.


It is amazing what can be done when you think out of the box (no pun intended) and look at other ways to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your cat litter boxes or cat trees. We hope you find these ideas useful in your home. At the very least, we hope they spur on some fresh new thinking and help you and your cat live in harmony.

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