It’s time for some more fun! We’ve put together another collection of more unusual, clever items for cats and cat lovers. These are too cool and every cat owner should think about getting at least one of these items for their home. If you’re looking for something new and different take a look at our latest entry into the weird and wacky!


There lots here for everyone from wacky decals to slow feeders with a good variety to appeal to many cat owners. Click on any image or title for more info and to read reviews from actual customers.


Modovo Washable Cat House
Modovo Washable Cat House
Honey, the Cat bed ate the Cat! Well, at least it sure looks this way with this large mouthed green monster style pet bed. This monster design is cute enough so that I doubt it will freak out your cat. It will give them a comfy, warm place to curl up in. Maybe the bed can even be given a name, like sleep-zilla or something. It’s easy to clean, made of short plush material and will fit small and medium sized cats. If little green monsters aren’t your thing there are a few other creatures to choose from.


Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal - Rear Window and Wiper Decal
Cat Moving Tail Rear Window Decal
Have you ever thought that the cat doesn’t do enough around here. The least they could is, oh, I dunno, maybe something like… wipe the rear window on the SUV?? Highly unlikely, but you can always make it look that way with this fun Cat car decal. It comes in two versions; happy and grumpy. Don’t forget to make sure it’s legal in your area before you get one. It’ll certainly put some fun back into those rainy days.


Pet's Eye View Camera
Pet’s Eye View Camera
This is a unique idea that lets you see things from your pet’s perspective. The camera takes still pictures (640×480 resolution) and not movies. It needs some design improvements as a few people have complained about it failing after a few uses and the camera getting wet and failing when their pet accidentally dips it in the water dish when they go for a drink. A better idea might be a harness for your cat that holds a cell phone while they prowl around outside. This way you could take pictures and movies!


Midwest Homes for Pets Curious Cat Cube
Cat Cube
This is a 3-in-1 stylish cat center for your home. The design will go great with your décor. Let you cat lounge, sleep, hide and play all in one compact space. Wait, that’s 4 things. Anyway, it’s even great for apartments with limited space. Made from soft faux suede and synthetic sheepskin the Cat Cube is easy to put together and folds down for storage.


Cat Scratching DJ Deck Scratching Posts
Cardboard Scratching Deck for Cats
Let your cat pretend to spin some tunes on this DJ scratching mat. You won’t hear any tunes but there will be plenty of scratching going down on this unit. The turntable spins and the tone arm moves. Have a riot watching your Cat be a DJ as they mix their natural instinct to scratch. You’ll probably save a couch or two in the meantime.


Toy-Go-Round Cat Exercise Wheel
Toy-Go-Round Cat Exercise Wheel
Give you indoor cat a good run with this inventive exercise wheel for Cats. Your cat will get their regular daily exercise and keep their bodies toned, balanced and healthy. As they use the wheel you should also see a positive change in their mood and behavior. The Cat exercise wheel is handy to use for outdoor cats when they can’t get outdoors due to bad weather.


Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats
Interactive Slow Pet Feeder
This looks like some wonky science experiment gone wrong. Believe it or not it’s a revolutionary pet feeder. Put your cat’s treat or food in between the nodules and your cat will turn snack or mealtime into a challenging game. It’s a great way to provide some mental stimulation, reduce boredom and stimulate your cat’s natural ability to catch food with their paws. This pet feeder is also dishwasher safe so it’s easy to keep clean.


CatHaven Cat Condo Artificial Tree
CatHaven Cat Condo Artificial Tree
How about that, it’s a Cat tree that actually looks like a tree. This Cat tree is well disguised as a tree and could pass as indoor décor. So now you’ll be happy and your cat will too. The silk leaves will give your cat some privacy and your cat will explore, jump or relax on the three perches hidden inside. The perches also swivel and the tree comes apart in sections for easy cleaning.


Pets Rock Wall Art
Pets Rock Wall Art
It’s true Cats do Rock and these Fine Art Giclee Prints on Cotton Canvas are a great way to get the message out there. These high quality prints feature Cats and Dogs dressed up you favorite Celebrities. They are 16×20 and come frame-less to allow you to add your own style or leave them as is for some truly unique wall art.


Spread Heads Toothpaste Caps - Toothpaste Oscar Cat Cap
Oscar the Cat Toothpaste Cap
The Spreadheads are here and brushing your teeth just became a whole lot more fun. Oscar the Cat is here to help you get your teeth clean. Attach Oscar to your tube of toothpaste and squeeze the toothpaste out through his mouth. When you’re done use his hand to cover the opening until next time.


That’s it for now. If you enjoyed these stay tuned for more unique gifts for cats and cat lovers coming soon.

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