Have you ever wondered where all those amazing cat pictures come from that you see at Art.com and in books like the Essential Cat Book?

Professional cat photographers from all over the world are the ones creating these wonderful images.

Taking great digital pictures of our cats has always been our goal at Band of Cats. We’re always trying to get that one great shot. As determined as we are there are some photographers who have gotten some excellent results and have turned cat photography into an art.

Cat Photographers
Warren Photographic

They are the best of the best, the crème of the crop. To help you experience their work first hand, we’ve created a list of our favorite cat photographers whose work we greatly admire and find very inspirational.

These photographers have provided us with some fantastic images and helped us come up with new ideas for improving our own cat photography. Inspiration can come from anywhere really, but browsing through a website or a book by any of these photographers is a great way to get our creative juices flowing.

Taking your own pictures is a big thrill but if you don’t fancy yourself as a photographer, or need something a little more professional, you can always turn to one of the photographers in our list or, failing that, find a good cat photographer of equal skill and experience in your area.

So without further delay, here is our official list of the 10 Top Cat Photographers from around the world.

Top Cat Photographers

Jane Burton – England

The Warren Photographic website has an extensive online picture library of cat photos taken by the world-famous photographer Jane Burton. Jane takes pictures of all types of animals but her cat photos are exceptional and a must see.

The people at Warren Photographic were kind enough to provide us with a couple of their cat images especially for this post.

Cat Photographers - Warren Photographic
Fluffy kittens playing with a basket.

Cat Photographers - Jane Burton
1 Golden & 6 grey kittens looking up.

Drop by the Warren Photographic website and spend some time looking around. There are lots to see. You can also buy any image if you find one you really like.

I don’t know Jane’s availability but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a photo of your cat taken by Jane Burton?

Paddy Cutts – England

Paddy’s cat photography is featured in a number of great cat books available online. Her photography has been featured in The Complete Cat Book and the Encyclopedia of Cats to name a few.

We have the Complete Cat Book and keep it out to flip through from time to time for info and inspiration.

Any of Paddy’s books are a joy to have around for any cat lover.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand – France

Yann is a very accomplished photographer and has a wide variety of subject in his photography. To see his cat photography you’ll need to do a bit of clicking through his flash site to find them.

Cat Photographers - Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Visit Yann’s Website and click on section one . Select your language of choice. Once in the site click on Photographs at the top, select ‘Animals’ and then ‘Cats, Dogs and their masters’.

Jean-Michel Labat – France

You may have seen some of Jean images by now. Some of Jean’s images are featured on the art.com web site and on allposters.com. Jean is an animal photographer and his cat images are whimsical, clever and entertaining.

Cat Photographers - Jean-Michel Labat
Hiding under the bed.

You can see some of his cat images here. Also, don’t miss the Cat and Mouse series of images in Portfolio 1 on his web site.

Adriano Bacchella – Italy

Adriano takes a wide variety of subjects including cats. He has taken Cat Photographs of many different species of cats from Bengal and Burmese to Sphinx and Ocicat.

Cat Photographers - Adriano Bacchella
Cats having fun with Boxes and Doors.

He is very good a capturing the personality of each cats in his image whether shooting in the studio or outdoors.
Take some time to browse through his cat images, they’re absolutely wonderful.

Tetsu Yamazaki – Japan

It would be nice to find some more pictures by Tetsu online. The few I’ve found make me want to see more.

Cat Photographers - Tetsu Yamasaki
Little kittens with big flowers

Pictures by Tetsu Yamasaki are in the Book “Legacy of the Cat” (which is now in it’s 2ND edition) so I’ll have to get it next time I see it. It’s a fabulous tribute to the cat with gloriously unique photographs from cover to cover. It’s a true work of art.

Tetsu’s work is scattered all over the internet on various sites. It would be nice to see a dedicated site of her work one day. Until then here are some of the many sites we found featuring Tetsu’s work. Enjoy!

Norwegian Forest Cats Photos by Tetsu Yamasaki

Tetsu Yamasaki on Webshots

Chanan – United States

Chanan Feline Photography has examples of their fine studio work scattered throughout their site. The majority of their work is done in the studio and they’re true masters at getting their cats to pose just the right way for the camera.

Cat Photographers - Chanan
A collection of some excellent studio based cat photography.

They have over 600,000 images spanning their 30 year career of almost every breed of cat. All their images are available through their Stock Photo service.

We found most of their cat images on their ‘Shows’ page, but look around their site and you’ll find more wonderful studio shots.

You’ll be happy to know they also do Home Sessions. Check their show schedule to see if they’ll be coming to your town anytime soon.

We’ll be visiting Chanan quite regularly, especially when we start some of our own studio for cats set-up here at Band of Cats.

Larry Johnson – United States

Here is another gifted cat photographer who has done some fantastic work with cats. He has captured some wonderful moments with many types of cats in groups and singles in a variety of locations.

Cat Photographers - Larry Johnson
A wonderful shot of five kittens in a basket.

Larry Johnson’s website doesn’t feature enough of his images in my opinion. It would be nice to see more of his photography.

He travels to many cities in the US and does Home Sessions. If your interested check his schedule to see the next time he’ll be in your area.

Terry Gruber – United States

Terry is currently enjoying running a successful business photographing the wedding of celebrities by the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Geraldo Rivera and Billy Joel.

Cat Photogrsphers - Terry Gruber
A wonderful black & white image shot by Terry Gruber.

As a Cat Photographer he has produced a popular and funny series of books including “Working Cats”, “Cat High – The Yearbook”, “Cat high: Paw prints”, and “Fat Cats”. You’d be wise to buy yourself a copy of any of these books if you manage to track them down.

Alan Robinson – UK

Based in the UK, Alan has a very extensive portfolio of cat photography that features images of numerous varieties of cats. Most of his brilliant work is in the studio, but his location images are just as beautiful and inspiring.

Cat Photographers - Alan Robinson
A great example of Alan’s superb location cat photography.

I would chance to guess that he has one of the largest collections of cat photography available for viewing on the internet.

Drop by Alan’s website and spend some time looking through his images which must span most, if not all, of his photographic career. You’ll soon see what cat photography by a true master is all about.

In Closing…

That wraps up our list of Professional Cat Photographers. These are the Professional Cat Photographers that have captured our attention over the years. There are many other talented Cat Photographers that were not a part of this list, but unfortunately we can’t include them all here, although we wish we could. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite cat photographers you’d like to add to our list.

If you’re serious about hiring a professional cat photographer try contacting one of the photographers from our list or search for a cat photographer in your area.

You can also try this directory of cat photo studios to help get you started in your search. Good Luck!

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