Laws for Cats have been around for thousands of years. A long the way a few strange and funny cat laws have been created. Some of them are just plain weird. I can’t imagine what events must have taken place for someone to bring these laws to realization. I would like to think that most if not all Cat Laws are created for the Cats protection.

Remember Dax, no yowling after 9pm in Georgia!

Here is a list of fifteen Cat laws that will make you wonder and at times, laugh.

  1. All black cats wear bells on Friday the 13th in French Lick Springs, Indiana.
  2. Cats can only be taken on to the street on leads in Lorinc, Hungary. Officials say the measure will protect the public from the “dangerous menace of free range cats.”
  3. Joint custody of a family pet, including cats, is not allowed when a couple divorces in Madison Wisconsin. The feline is legally awarded to whoever happens to have possession of it at the time of the initial separation.
  4. Cats in International Falls, Minnesota are not allowed to chase dogs up telephone poles.
  5. Fights between cats and dogs are prohibited by statute in Barber, North Carolina.
  6. Pet cats to run loose without a taillight in Sterling, Colorado.
  7. Ventura County, California, cats are not allowed to have sex without a permit.
  8. Cats living in Cresskill, New Jersey must wear three bells to warn birds of their whereabouts.
  9. Duluth, Minnesota felines may not sleep in a bakery.
  10. California bans cats from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.
  11. In Zion, Illinois, it is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to cats.
  12. Cats may not yowl after 9 pm in Columbus, Georgia.
  13. In Topeka, Kansas, you may not own more than five cats at a time. In Shorewood, Wisconsin, however, no more than two cats can be owned by the same family.
  14. You may not keep a pet cat and a pet bird on the same premises in Reed City, Michigan.
  15. Dogcatchers in Virginia are prohibited from bothering cats while he or she is looking for dogs.

I would say my favorite cat law is number four. I guess that sort of thing happens a lot in Minnesota. Have you come across any bizarre cat laws? Share them with us in the comments.

Originally posted on CatLines – Cat Laws

Cat Laws continue to develop around the world. Down in Australia they’re working on tougher Cat Laws and, with most laws, are running into opposition. You can read the article ‘Tougher Cat laws on way’ for more details.

There’s also a great guide on Cat Law called ‘The Domestic Cat and the Law: A Guide to Available Resources’. It covers the history of Cat Law dating back to Ancient Egypt, as well as other information including Peridicals, Organizations and Websites related to Cats and the Law.

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