OK, so we all have the standard cat toys, beds and scratch posts seen in the stores. It’s all good stuff if you like to get what everyone else gets for their cats. But where’s the fun in that? If you’re looking for something more unique, interesting, quirky and different for your cat and yourself then keep reading.

We’ve tracked down some creative products for cats and cat lovers that you just have to see.


Cat Hoodies
Cat Print Hoodies
There is nothing like your favorite hero cat in high definition. Put it on a hoodie and you can take your cats with you everywhere you go. These unique hoodies are hand made with each panel cut and sewn together for a perfect graphic. There are over 40 designs to choose from so you’re bound to find one that is ideal for you.


Feline Sculpture Bird House Feeder
Feline Bird Feeder
Who is really doing the feeding? The Cat or the birds? The birds will eventually be feeding here if they’re brave enough to approach this scary cat. Add a sense of humor to your garden and see how brave the birds are in your neighborhood.


5 Pack Animal Clothing Hanger
Cat Coat Hangers
These coat hangers are a great idea and would definitely add some fun and life to your dull closet. Imagine one or more of these whimsical felines staring back at you as you get dressed each morning?
There are a few packs to choose so be sure check out all of them for yourself.


Bambu Daybed
Cat Daybed
This is certainly a step up from the normal cat bed. It’s one piece of good furniture you won’t mind getting covered in cat fur. It might even keep ‘Max’ off your good furniture.


Cat Castle
Cat Castle
Most Cats walk around like they are the rulers of the house so why not give them their own castle? This cat castle is easy to set-up and comes ready for creative minds to color and decorate any way they like. There is also a carpeted roof for the comfort of your furry highness.


Plant Hidden Litter Box
Planter Hidden Litter Box
It’s a planter. It’s a litter box? Here is yet another unique way to keep the litter box hidden in plain sight. It looks like a big clay pot but your cat knows better. If the plant starts to wilt you’ll know its past time to clean the litter ‘pot’. With easy access you can clean it daily and have little worries.


Catnip Bubble Blowing Cat Toy
Catnip Bubble Toy
This is a unique combo of things for your cat. Most cats will react to catnip and bubbles might add an interesting twist to the mix. If your cat reacts to the catnip in these bubbles, providing it’s not too diluted, they’ll have loads of fun pawing, licking and even chewing the bubbles. If not then they might just look at you like you’re crazy. Either way it might be fun to give them a try.


Kitty Can Chew GrowAHeads
Kitty Can Chew GrowAHeads
If your cat is chewing up the plants in your house then maybe you should think about growing a plant that is just for them. Grow a delicious “head” of edible cat grass. It will satisfy your cats craving for greens and keep them away from other harmful plants.


Kitty Mansions Oak Cat Tree
Kitty Mansion Oak Cat Tree
It’s a jungle in there. This unique cat tree is a fun place for your cat to play, sleep and exercise. The added leaves are a nice touch and the earthy colors give it a beautiful natural appearance.


Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee
Cat Teepee
Every cat should have their own teepee. This outdoor teepee is especially great for indoor cats that want to be outdoors and still need a safe, secure spot to sleep and play.


Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears
Brainwave Cat Ears
Cats have 32 muscles in each ear, we have 6. Now you can be just like a cat with these fun ears that look and move like cats ears. They come in a few different colors and are a great idea for cat lovers.


Shoe Cat Playhouse
Big Shoe Cat Playhouse
Cat are always getting into your shoes, lying on them and playing with the laces. Now they can have their own giant shoe, minus the foot odor of course. It’s a nice change from the typical playhouse with all the same features and more. This big shoe makes a super place to explore, lounge, play and hide.


Cat kitten Hammock Bed
Cat Hammock
After a long day of work what is better than to flop down on a comfy hammock and drift off into peaceful slumber. Why not give your cat that same experience. It’s hard work keeping the house clear of mice and birds. This Cat Hammock is a super comfy reward after a long day of busy cat stuff.


Prymal Lion Mane Cat Hat
Lion Mane Cat Hat
Turn your cat into the king of all beasts with this fun idea for a cat hat. All that is missing is the mighty roar!


Rbenxia Kitten Print Knee High Length Socks CAT Tail Tattoo Tights Pantyhose
Cat Tattoo Pantyhose
Here is something for all the female cat lovers out there. These are a cute pair of cat pantyhose with a stylish cat face on the front of each leg and a cat tail on the back. If you like black cats this pair is for you.


Full Colour Mouse in a Hole Wall Sticker Decal
Mouse Wall Decal
Here is a fun way to freak out your cat. Just when you thought there wasn’t any mice in the house this little guy shows up. They look very convincing and are great on floorboards or stairs.


That’s it for now. If you enjoyed these unique gift ideas stay tuned as we have more unique gifts for cats and cat lovers coming soon.

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