We came across some more cool free pumpkin carving stencils a few days ago. They have been around for a while so they may look familiar to some of you. These pumpkin stencils are all from a cool web site called carvingpumpkins.com. They have an amazing number of free pumpkin carving stencils you can download, print and start carving with.

We picked out all the free cat pumpkin carving stencils we could find to save you some time hunting around the web site. It’s a great variety of pumpkin stencil ideas and designs. You can’t loose with a free stencil, but the pumpkin stencils for sale are, as usual, a bit nicer, so after your done looking through these Cat Pumpkin Stencils browse around their web site for more ideas if you like.

Cat Stencils for Pumpkin Carving

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Cats Meow
Cats Meow

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Cool Cat
Cool Cat

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Puss n Boots
Puss’n Boots

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty and Pumpkin

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Alex the Lion
Alex the Lion from Madagascar

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Cat from Little Bear
Cat from Little Bear

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Prowling Tiger
Prowling Tiger

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Running Tiger
Running Tiger

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Leaping Tiger
Leaping Tiger

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Hissy Cat
Hissy Cat

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Spooky Tiger
Spooky Tiger

Cat stencils for pumpkin carving - Cat and Pumpkin
Cat and Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving Tools and the ‘Shading’ Technique

These stencils all work with a pumpkin carving technique called shading. Get the instructions for the pumpkin carving shading technique to learn how it’s done. You’ll also find the recommended pumpkin carving tools for the job. There are professional tools you can buy as well as some suggestions for tools you can find around the house.

Amazon also has a big selection of carving tools for pumpkins if you’d rather get them there. They range from simple carving sets for under $20. to a more professional carving set like the carving set pictured below.

International Culinary Carving Set 80 Piece with Wood Case

We hope you enjoyed these pumpkin stencils. We especially liked the Felix the Cat Pumpkin Stencil as it was one of our favorite Cat cartoons. Take a few minutes to look through these pumpkin stencils and pick one for your pumpkin this Halloween.

Happy pumpkin carving!


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Happy Halloween!


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