It is truly amazing how many great Cat Christmas books are available for the holidays. There is a great variety of old and new books for the cat lover in all of us. They can make excellent stocking stuffers, last minute gift ideas or something to enrich you and your family’s holiday experience.

We have put together a collection of 23 amazing cat Christmas books that are perfect to share with young and old this Holiday Season. They all carry the magic of the holiday season and offer imagery to remember and stories to read again and again with each passing year.


A cat\'s night before christmas

A Cat’s Night Before Christmas

If a Cat could tell their version of the night before Christmas this might be how it would go. It’s a retelling of the classic poem – A Night before Christmas. A very funny read for everyone, including cat-lovers.


A pussycat\'s christmas

A Pussycat’s Christmas

A wonderful Christmas story first published in 1949. This is a newly illustrated version full of all the wonderful things that Christmas time brings. This a book to enjoy for many Christmases to come.


Carvel the christmas cat

Carvel, the Christmas Cat

A heart warming story about two children who adopted a cat on Christmas Eve. A perfect book for young-adults and cat lovers.


Cat in the Manger

Cat in the Manger

Illustrated with gorgeous watercolor paintings this book is about a barn cat who witnesses a miracle when some very special visitors come to the barn.


Cat Christmas

Cat’s Christmas

The perfect stocking-stuffer for the cat lover on your list. A Cat’s Christmas is a beautiful collection of photos showing all the wonderful things that make Christmas a favorite holiday for cats and cat lovers.


The Christmas Cat Book

Celebration: The Christmas Cat Book (Celebration (Red Rock Press))

A fantastic collection of vintage Christmas cards chronicling our favorite furry friend. There’s cozy Christmas Cats, Black Cats and Almost Human Cats busy with chores and bursting with charm.


Christmas Carols for cats

Christmas Carols for Cats

Here are all our favorite Christmas Carols rewritten by cats for cats.


Christmas cats

Christmas Cats

Cats are hanging the mistletoe, putting up lights and singing carols in the snow in this furry seasonal romp through a Christmas wonderland. A great book for young cat lovers.


Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats

If you’re unable to decide on one book, this is the perfect choice. Christmas Cats features 19 short stories, essays and poems that commemorate cats at Christmas time.


Henry the christmas cat

Henry the Christmas Cat

Bonnie the lamb has gotten into a bit of a dilemma at the Christmas Pageant and Henry the Siamese Cat is there to help her out.


Jeoffry\'s christmas

Jeoffry’s Christmas

A wonderful adventure featuring Jeoffry the cat. Follow along with him as he find the perfect Christmas Tree and travels with Santa to bring a Christmas feast to all the animals.


The cat and the christmas tree

The Cat and the Christmas Tree

A humorous and charming story about a curious house cat and her adventure with a Christmas Tree. A story with a happy ending that helps to restore our faith in the wonders of Christmas.


The Cat who came for dinner

The Cat Who Came for Christmas

An entertaining and precious story about Amory and the first year with his newly adopted cat that he found and brought home on Christmas Eve.


The Christmas Cat

The Christmas Cat

On Christmas Eve in a cold snowy, storm swept forest, a Christmas Miracle is about to occur. An abandoned gray cat and a young boy experience the magic of Christmas in this classically illustrated timeless tale.


The Christmas Cat

The Christmas Cat

A tale about a cat who teaches those he loves how to open their hearts to the true spirit of Christmas and let in the light of the Holiday Season. The Christmas Cat is a wonderfully, cute story with some enlightening, clever dialog and a real joy to read.


The christmas day cat

The Christmas Day Kitten

A touching story written for children, but will be enjoyed by people of all ages including cat lovers. The Christmas Day Kitten is about a vet who is called to visit a sick mother cat on Christmas morning. With sadness and joy this is a wonderful book to share with your child during the holiday season.


The magical christmas cat

The Magical Christmas Cat

Put a little meow in your stocking this year with four new stories of Christmas and felines. This is a great collection of Cat Christmas stories packed with surprises, chills and romance.


The twelve cats of christmas

The Twelve Cats of Christmas

Originally created for children, this book was made for cat lover of any age. It’s a must have collection featuring a variety of cats as they tell there version of the popular Christmas song The 12 Days of Christmas.


What cats want for christmas

What Cats Want for Christmas

Anyone who knows and loves cats should get this book. It truly captures the essence of what cat truly would like for Christmas.


Jingle Cats

Jingle Cats

A frenzy of frolicking felines bring joy to a young boy and his sister on Christmas morning. The most surprising and fun book of the season using a combination of cat photography and hand-painted art.


Santa brought me cats

Santa Brought Me Cats

A terrific Christmas CD and Storybook with lots of cats and other furry creatures from the winter wonderland of Christmas past.


The littlest christmas kitten

The Littlest Christmas Kitten

Full of wonder and suspense, cat lovers will enjoy reading this book to their children. It’s a gentle, heart-warming story about the Christmas legend a mother and father cat share with their kittens.


Christmas for a kitten

Christmas for a Kitten

A kitten is taken from his mother and has to fend for itself. It is a great book for kids and cat lovers alike. The story has a happy ending that helps to teach everyone to be responsible and caring towards their pets. Abandoned cats are all too common and this book opens our eyes to the reality that many cats are faced with each day. Think about adopting an abandoned cat of your own this Christmas and do your part to help.


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