Cats are my Friends

If you’re looking for a great way to show-off your cat pictures take a look at the hundreds of cat groups available on Flickr. There is an endless assortment of groups for cat pictures ranging from groups for different cat breeds to groups for silly, funny and even yawning cats.

We’ve put together a list of some of the more popular cat groups on flickr along with some of the more unique, funny and interesting cat flickr groups.

Each cat group offers a great way to start sharing your cat pictures with the world. With lots of variety, there is something available for everyone.

If you’re not on Flickr, don’t worry, it’s free to join and it only takes a few minutes to sign-up. If you decide to get the yearly membership you’ll have many more features available to you for a small fee.

Once you’ve signed up for the free account and uploaded your images, start joining some groups and participate by sending in your images to your favorite ones. Some groups are invitation only but most of them will gladly welcome your cat pictures as long as they fit the groups theme.

Sending a photo to a group is easy. First, find the flickr group and join it. Next, navigate to the picture you want to send to the group. Click “Send to Group” in the menu above the photo and select the group you want to send the picture to in the drop down menu. That’s it, you’re done. You can go the group’s main page to see if your photo is there if you like. While your there you can see cat pictures from other members and even add your comments.

Refer back to our list when you’re ready to start joining some of the more popular Cat Picture groups on Flickr. Start with a few and add more groups as you go.

Popular Cat Groups on Flickr

Best of Cats

Best of Cats
45,568 photos, 13,738 members
The Best of Cats group features the best pictures of cats from all over. Anyone can join but photo submission is by invitation only. If you have some great cat photos you’ll have no trouble getting your pictures added to the group.

I Love my Cat

I Love my Cat
175, 922 photos, 20,108 members
The ‘I Love My Cat’ group is for cat lovers from all around the world. It’s for people like you and I. Discussion is all about cats here and it’s a great place to show off your cat pictures to other cat owners.

All Cats – No people

All Cats no people
74,279 photos, 12,905 members
This group is for just cat and no people. If there are any people in your cat pictures then his is not the group for you. Cats only please.

LOL Cats

LOL Cats
19,958 photos, 7,081 members
LOL Cats is all about having fun. If you any funny pictures of your cat this is a great group to show them off. Photos are by invitation only but if you think you have a funny cat pictures send them in and they go through a queue before they are accepted.

Cats with Class

Cat with Class
14,317 photos, 3,277 members
A group for everyone who loves elegant cats. Most cats are elegant but they do have their off moments. If you have a classy photo of your cat, then send it to this group. You can review the rules before hand just to make sure your images will be accepted.

Your sleeping cat

Sleeping Cats
15,946 photos, 4,681 members
Ahh, the slumbering cat. A catnap is a cat’s favorite thing, besides eating, playing and catnip. Cats sleep in many places and in all sorts of positions. This is a fun group for your sleeping cat pictures.

Multiple Cats

Multiple CatsAll Cats Allowed

All Cats
80,815 photos, 8,107 members
This group is for any cat, big or small, short of tall. They welcome all cats, even the wild ones. You can pick out any picture of your cat or cats and send them to this great cat group.

Someone Else’s Cat

Someone elses catCat’s Meawww

Cat Meawww
13,465 photos, 2,194 members
This is a fun group for cat pictures were you’re allowed to send up to 3 pictures a day of you cat as long as you vote on 3 other pictures for each of your photos. There are lot’s of great cat pictures here and any cat image is welcome.

Furry Cat Friends

Furry Cat Friends
35,796 photos, 3,845 members
A fun group all about domestic cats. Lot’s of great pictures of house cats, outdoor cats and kittens here. Send your pictures in but read through the rules first. You can invite other cat pictures to the group. Commenting on some of the other images in the group is also appreciated.

Black Cat Brigade

Black Cat Brigade
19,061 photos, 3,149 members
A fabulous group that fights for and protects the rights of all black cats and to dispel the myths associated with Black Cats. They are looking for your support by adding a photo of your black cat, if you own one.

Orange Cats

Orange Cats
31,214 photos, 2,765 members
The rules for this group are simple. If you have an orange cat, put their picture here. Orange rules in this group and as you’ll see there are loads of great pictures of orange cats here. So, if you have an orange cat, put it here.

Show off your Cat(s)

Show off your Cat
48,738 photos, 5,702 members
A wonderful group to show off you cat in. With a huge number of images and growing, this group is looking to be the largest group on Flickr. Add your cat to group and show them off to the world.

Cat! Who loves cats?

Who Loves Cats
22,824 photos, 2,339 members
Share a photo of your cat in a happy moment with this group. Whatever makes your cat happy, and I’m sure there are numerous things that do, add a picture of them doing their happy thing here. For my cats, their happiest time is sleeping after a good meal. I figure attention and playing come in as a close second.

Glamour Cat Magazine

Glamour Cat Magazine
26,003 photos, 4,923 members
This is a fun group were your can post glamorous pictures of your cat. If your picture is selected it will appear on the cover of glamour cat magazine. Read the rules and start sending in those beautiful, charming or alluring cat pictures.

Cute Cat Photos: Just Cats, No Humans

Cute Cat Photos
25,740 photos, 2,536 members
The name of this group pretty much sums up the type of cat pictures you’ll find here. Lot’s of fun pictures of cute cats. It’s the perfect place to put all the cute pictures you have of your cat to share with everyone else. Just make sure there are no people in your photos.

Cats Are My Friends

Cats are my Friends
46,666 photos, 2,995 members
This is a fun flickr cat group that runs a different theme each month. Is a great way to get creative with you cat pictures. July’s theme was ‘Summer Cats’ and August was ‘Your best Cat Photo’ which make good opportunities to show off your new and old cat photos.

Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior
14,914 photos, 1,874 members
The Cat Behavior Flickr group is interested in pictures of your cat doing cat things. Send in pictures of your cat doing one of the many things it loves to do and tell them about it in the title or the description.

Action Cats

Action Cats
7,405 photos, 1,478 members
Do you have some action shots of your cat. Here is the place to show them off. There are lots of great action shots in this group of cats doing a whole variety of funny things. Pictures of still, posing, yawning or sleeping cats pictures are no accepted.

Funny Cats

Funny Cats
21,008 photos, 2,690 members
Cats can do the funniest things. If you have some funny pictures of your cat them this is the perfect group to share them. This group is all about funny cats and there are plenty of funny cat picture for everyone to enjoy.

Cat Couples

Cat Couples
10,513 photos, 1,381 members
This is a group for pictures of two or more cats that are lovers, buddies, brothers, sisters, relatives, or any kind of cat couple. If you have two or more cats in your pictures then this is a good group to send them to for everyone to see.

Cat in Pose

Cat in Pose
18,433 photos, 2,397 members
This is a unique group for pictures of cats in interesting natural cat poses. If you have a classic picture of your cat in a striking pose send your pictures into the group. They’ll love to have them in their group.

Crazy Cat People

Crazy Cat People
37,717 photos, 2,615 members
This is a group for people who are crazy about cats, so much that they will put in an extra effort to get a great photo of them.


71,880 photos, 5,520 members
This group is for cats from all over the world to unite in one place. You can post up to 5 pictures a day here. Send in your cat pictures and add your cat to an international group of cats.

THE CAT IS, Everyone’s Best Friend!

Cat is
15,948 photos, 1,057 members
This group is for cat lovers who see the Cat as ‘man’s best friend’ and what you to be proud of your cat or kitten. The Dog has been Man’s best friend for too long. It’s time for a change. A great place to send you cat pictures, especially if you see you cat as your best friend.

Foto Cats

Foto cats
118,782 photos, 10,442 members
This is a fun group for cat lovers who have lots of ‘Foto’s’ of their cats and want to share them with all the other cat lovers out there. There is lot’s of discussion and of course a huge number of cat pictures to see. You can post up to 10 cat items each day and with over 10,000 members a lot of people will enjoy seeing them.

Cats with big personalities

Cat Personality
25,693 photos, 2,269 members
This group is all about pictures of cats with big personalities. There are a lot of cats here with a lot of personality. If your cat has a big personality you should consider putting a picture of them here that really shows it off.

Cute Cats and Cuddly Kittens

Cute Cats and Cuddly kittens
16,283 photos, 2,056 members
Everyone’s cat is cute and I don’t know of any kittens that aren’t cuddly. You’ll find plenty of cute, cuddly cats in this group. Find the cutest picture of your cat or kitten and post it here to share with all the other cute felines.

flickr cat

Flickr Cats
41,246 photos, 2,315 members
This group is for all cats on flickr and since you need to join flickr to get you cat pictures on here in the first place this group is a no-brainer. Once you have your cat pictures on flickr post them here. Anything goes here as long as there is a cat in the picture.

My Cat is Evil and he is trying to take over the world

My Cat is Evil and he is trying to take over the world
41,246 photos, 2,315 members
Certainly this group has one of the most unique names so far. Not all cats are evil and bent on world domination, although some cat picturescan tell a different story. If you have pictures of your cat that seems to show their Dr. Evil side this is the perfect to share it with all the other owners of furry evil-doers.

Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers
54,919 photos, 2,996 members
The name of this group tells it all. If you’re a cat lover then join up and send in your cat pictures. A great group to share the pictures of your cats and chat with other cat lovers.

Cute Cat Photos

Cute Cats
25,815 photos, 2,540 members
A great group for Cute Cat Pictures. They want pictures with just Cats and no humans. This group would love to see any cute pictures you have of your cats. With those furry faces and big round eyes cats are naturally cute, right?


11,900 photos, 1,024 members
With a unique name this group likes pictures of cats for all walks of life. Instead of pure breeds, they prefer loved household moggies, rescue cats, street cats, cats doing funny things. They also welcome picture of Cats in shelters in hopes that they will find them a home.

Their rules are easy to follow and they have a growing number of all kinds of cat pictures. It’s a great group to send any pictures you have of cats.


75,809 photos, 4,104 members
A huge group for pictures of Cats. There are a whole lot of Cats here; big and small, short and tall, young and old, cute and… well you get the picture (no pun intended). A great group to join and share your cat pictures with.

Black & White Cats

Black and White Cats
11,135 photos, 1,166 members
This a fun group of just black and white cats which also includes black cats and white cats. A couple of our cats definitely fit in this group. If your cats are black, white or black and white then this is a perfect place to send their pictures.

Tabby Cats

Tabby Cats
35,081 photos, 2,561 members
Here is another group that targets a specific type of cat. Tabbys are wonderful cats. Some of our best friends have Tabby cats. Send your Tabby cat pictures to this group and chat with other Tabby Cat lovers.

My Cat is Cuter than yours

My Cat is Cuter than yours
12,355 photos, 851 members
Is your cat adorable? Is your cat cute? This group is looking for cute adorable cats. If your cat is cute, and what cats aren’t, then join this group and send them some of your adorable cat pictures.

Cats and Windows

Cats in Windows
2,188 photos, 466 members
Cats love windows. Any house with cats usually has a cat in the window from time to time throughout the day. Cats love sitting in windows to see what is going on outside or to soak up some sun. The higher the window the better. This is a fun group with lots of cats in lots of windows. Chances are you have some pictures of your cat in a window. Gather them up and send them here for all to enjoy.

White Cats

White Cats
8,196 photos, 805 members
This group is all about pictures of white cats and only white cats all the time. Our white cat Spooky would be perfect for this group. If you have a white cat here is a terrific place to let everyone see how white and beautiful your cat is.

Tortishell Cats

854 photos, 137 members
This is a great photo group for Tortishell cat lovers. From the group description… “Tortishell cats are a type of calico, but they do not have nearly as much white on them as normal Calico cats do. They range from black, orange, cream, and brown, and usually the tortishell color often looks almost paint splattered.” If you cat is a Tortie-Cat then send your pictures of them to this group for everyone to enjoy.


Cat in the box
1,580 photos, 399 members
Cats love getting into things and they cannot resist any kind of box big or small. Our cat Jade loves boxes and gets herself into the smallest boxes. This group is for pictures of cats in boxes and anything else they can sqeeze themselves into.

Cat Yawns

Cat Yawns
1,324 photos, 531 members
Cats become something else when they yawn. A screaming cat, a singing cat, a scary cat, or a crazy cat, but cat yawn photos are fun to take and see. This group has a lot of great cat yawn picture and wants you to send in your best cat yawn pictures.

Cats in costume

Cats in Costume
556 photos, 201 members
Some cats hate costumes, some cats like costumes and some just tolerate them. This group knows it’s ridiculous to expect a cat to wear a costume, but for the few cats that are into it, this group is for them. If your cat lets you dress them up and you have some fun pictures of them in costume, be sure to send them to this unique group.

I hope you enjoyed our collection of Cat flickr groups. This list is only a few of the popular flickr groups for Cat lovers. There are many other popular cat groups on flickr that focus on specific breeds, etc. You can search for any group from the Flickr Groups main page. If you find a popular Cat Flickr group that is not in our list, tell us about it in the comments. If you’re already on Flickr and have a favorite cat group you visit, please tell us about it in the comments as well.

Have fun and we’ll see you in the cat flickr groups.

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