Most people have an ipod these days of one kind or another, so why not get one for your Cat too? It doesn’t play MP3s but it does cater to a few of your cats’ basic needs. Sleep, security and supreme dominance.

A cat lounges in the \'Cat Pod\'
A Happy Cat enjoying the Cat Pod!

Plus it looks cool, stylish and pretty comfy. Its proper name is the Hepper Pod Pet Bed. I prefer a Cat Pod myself. We were quite impressed with its stylish, modern looks. Designed for cats and small dogs the Cat Pod provides a personal retreat for your pet to snooze, hide or relax on high.

It sits on a study steel frame that elevates the pod off the ground. The pod itself is an enclosed dome shape that provides protection from all sides a has a fleece-lined interior. You can add some extra comfort with a small pillow or cushion or leave it as is for you cat (or small dog) to enjoy.

The pod comes in six different colors which makes it easier to match to the furniture in any room of your house. The Hepper Pod Pet Bed is available online at Design Public. If you order one you should qualify for free shipping too since it’s over the fifty dollar limit. These beds are very popular and have sold out in most colors. Pity.

We plan to get one and try it out when more beds come in for the color we want.

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